Adjustable Sway Bar Set for Tesla Model Y (Front + Rear)

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About 6+ months of intense R&D, testing, setting SUV lap records on the track, road-tripping across the West, and grocery store runs have brought us to the point of being able to offer you these awesome adjustable sway bars!

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6 reviews for Adjustable Sway Bar Set for Tesla Model Y (Front + Rear)

  1. Jorge (Nationwide) Lopez (verified owner)

    I always hated how my Model Y would sway side to side at high speed on the highway when the road conditions were poor, even with the coil overs I wanted a little more stiffness and this fixed the problem, now it feels more like a Porsche/BMW M.

  2. James_M (verified owner)

    My Model Y’s overall ride quality and handling performance SERIOUSLY improved after getting this sway bar set installed! I can’t get over how much more fun my Model Y is to drive now. I was so excited to put these to the test after getting them installed. The very next day, we went on a road trip from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe and this new set up made driving through the mountains SO MUCH MROE FUN. The car handles incredibly and this is how every Tesla should feel like on the road. After getting these installed, I’ve noticed significantly decreased body roll and I am finally able to take sharper and faster turns better than ever before. These sway bars go perfectly well with my UP coil overs and rear camber arms. I am absolutely loving my UP build!

  3. zackfeldstein9 (verified owner)

    My Model Y now handles so much better after adding these sway bars! What a great bang for your buck upgrade- really made a huge difference. Never loved how the Model Y handled in corners (especially the newer suspension on the 2022) and this solved the problem. Car stays so much flatter in corners and much more stable. Haven’t even driven the car that hard since getting the sway bars installed and already notice a night and day difference. Sway bars on the Model Y is an absolute no brainer, can’t recommend them enough!

  4. saketh.kollu (verified owner)

    I have been using my 2021 Model Y Long Range with the UPP Sway Bars for a bit over a week now and I can say that from the process from ordering to finally driving my car around has been extremely painless.

    I ordered my sway bars and a immedietly I was in contact with customer support to ensure that I had all the resources to install the sway bar. In my area installation costs for the sway bar would have been around $400 which wasnt too bad but I wanted to try installing it myself.

    I bought basic hand tools and some ramps and was able to complete the install in about 4 hours. This was my first car mod ever and the hardest part was lining up the car with the ramps and unscrewing the plastic panels on the bottom to get access to the sway bar. The screws and nuts to disconnect the endlinks and the bushings were extremely accessible.

    After completing the install I was able to immedietly notice a difference in handling as the steering felt a lot more responsive and body roll vastly reduced which was my main reason for getting this upgrade. I did not expect to notice THAT much of a difference for a 600 dollar part.

    The ride quality is definitely more rough now (on the 20 inch induction wheels) with stock (2021) suspension, but I prefer it because this feels so much more connected to the road now. The sway on the highway aswell is vastly reduced when in autopilot which is another great benefit from this.

    I love these sway bars, they feel extremely high quality, customer service is excellent and the installation is easy so I would reccomend them to anybody with a Model Y and wants to upgrade their driving experience!

  5. 13rizz (verified owner)

    My Model Ys ride and handling is awesome now with this set of sway bars! Amazing the difference it makes. The workmanship of the product is amazing as well. Top notch product!

  6. prestonsen (verified owner)

    An absolute MUST when thinking about your first upgrade. The Model Y, even in it’s Performance Model, has more body roll than you’d like. It was one of my biggest complaints when driving the first few months.

    After installation, body roll was greatly reduced. Cornering on-ramps and turns with a medium setting makes me feel more confident with a spirited driving experience.

    This, paired with their coilovers is my ultimate goal in handling. Props to Kirk and team for their expertise at UP HQ.

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The adjustable sway bars provide a mechanical connection between the left and right wheels which can help sharpen the driving feel and steering response as well as controlling unwanted understeer and oversteer.  No two drivers are the same and because driving styles and driving scenarios vary we feel it is important to have the rapid flexibility to tune handling performance to each driver’s preferences. The Unplugged Performance sway bars are developed with rapid adjustability and dynamic results in mind. Driving styles and preferences vary as do car, tire, and other supporting modifications.  Choose your ideal setting for street, track, and your own style, or disconnect them entirely to maximize suspension travel off-road.

These sway bars enabled our record-setting laps at Laguna Seca, the fastest ever recorded by an SUV.

Our bars feature three individual rates for front and rear developed through extensive testing, but we will not publish them at this time to help reduce the influx of copycat products.


Benefits include:

  • Development driving and optimization by multiple drivers and with a variety of tire compounds.
  • Perfectly paired front/rear as a dialed-in kit, backed by real-world street and track testing backed by multiple track records.  Many 1000s of miles of testing and many product revisions have led us to our production-ready spec.
  • Reduced body roll during cornering improves the driving experience and enhances driver confidence.
  • Less body roll means more consistent and improved tire adhesion under many conditions (contact patch).
  • Harder polyurethane (PU) sway bar bushings improve sway response. The bushings are more durable, deflect less, and respond faster, so the roll control is immediate and the car has reduced “slop”. Our sway bar upgrade improves chassis balance and generally reduces understeer or “push” in the front suspension.
  • The front sway bar bushing is custom-tooled for the application-specific OEM bracket.
  • Faster steering response and reduced body roll without sacrificing daily comfort or adjusting spring rates.
  • Can be enjoyed on a completely stock car, as is (also equally great on fully tuned track cars).
  • Firm settings are future-proof and optimized for cars with full slicks and track high downforce aero, soft/medium settings suitable for daily driven cars.
  • Rear brackets feature TIG-reinforcements for maximum durability.

Unplugged Performance sway bars are all made in the USA. Every bar is made using precision CNC bending equipment for a factory perfect fit. Durability is ensured with an attractive powder-coated finish. Special long-lasting precision-molded polyurethane bushings are included.

Performance-focused Model Y owners can pair their Unplugged Sway Bars with Ultimate Billet Adjustable Front Camber Arms, and Billet Adjustable Rear Camber Arms and Toe Arms to put your car into record-breaking spec.

This and all Unplugged Performance suspension are created by a dream-team of top motorsports suspension engineers to Unplugged Performance specs. Unplugged Performance has a history of being the pioneer of suspension tuning for Tesla and our suspension upgrades are used on multiple world record holding race builds as well as on thousands of daily driven Teslas.

Our sway bars fit both the Tesla Model Y Performance and Model Y Dual-Motor variants.  Compatibility with the Model Y Long Range will be established once the Model is in production.

We offer a 30-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on all of our suspension products.  Driving is believing.

200,000 Mile Warranty

These are designed to last longer than your car. To put a number on it, we will warranty these for 200,000 miles (non-transferable).

The Unplugged Performance Story:

At Unplugged Performance, we take innovation very seriously. With 20 years of automotive performance experience, we started Unplugged in 2013 with the encouragement of our office neighbors at Tesla Design Studio. Unplugged is dedicated to bringing the best out of every Tesla platform.  We have designed and manufactured complete turning solutions for Model S, Model X, Model 3, and now Model Y.  We always lead and never compromise.  We purchase every Tesla vehicle ourselves and test and refine our products extensively before selling.  We work with the best engineers in the world to deliver the highest quality products we demand.

What our customers say
Paint match was perfect. Fit is perfect. It’s exactly what I was looking for, exceeded expectations.
Shout out to Andrew at Unplugged Performance! Customer service is excellent. Great communication with everything. Knowledgeable about all products. Will do more business with UP.
I wanted to wait a few weeks before leaving my review to really see if there was a significant difference and it is a significantly better ride. I commute 70 miles a day on a fairly rough socal highway and the change is noticeable. Yes, you’re still going to feel the bumps but they are not as...
I purchased these in conjunction with the luxury coilovers and couldn’t be happier!
These are exactly what I was expecting. I waited over a year for them. Pandemic backorders and all. It took me about 6 hours to install with help from a friend. The fronts were the worst part. You have to have the spring compressors mounted just right and really compress them a lot to assemble the...
If love carbon fiber like I do then this is a must. Nothing compares to UP carbon coaster. The weaves are super clean, very sturdy, looks great. I couldn’t help myself and got this to add to my carbon collection.
LOVE my new UP-03 wheels. Super light, super strong and they look so good. Super high quality finish on the wheels too, worth every penny. Have had the wheels for just a few days and have gotten tons of compliments on the road and at the track. These are the best wheels you can buy for your Tesla,...
Got these with my order of Moderate Springs and Street/Track Sway-bars and they do what they are intended to do. Got my alignment darn near within spec which will help with tire wear. I haven't had them for long so I can't comment on durability but they sure are built sturdy as hell. If you are...
These brakes perform great and I should have upgraded to these a long time ago. Pedal travel with with the included brake lines are much improved as well.
Received my suspension for my Y 2022 long range what a difference. Set it for 8 on the adjustment rides totally different what a great job took it to a friend of mine Frank Reyes to install Desert car medics said the product was very well made installed it in about 5 and 1/2 hours. Driving it for a...
My 2022 3 Performance was a monster truck in stock form, wasn't pleased with the look or the softness. A car of this caliber shouldn't look this way and thank goodness Unplugged had the fix. I got their Moderate Springs and they are the perfect amount of drop to daily the car. They eliminate the...
On the track or not these sway bars make your car feel solid on turns. Immediately I noticed improved corner turns which is great! Highly recommend!
I have my model 3 performance and love it and now after adding these coil overs, can’t comprehend why these aren’t stock for tesla. These coil overs are amazing automagically felt like the car was on a cloud, handles great, and very smooth. Noise is reduced and can not believe I took this long...
Excellent product! I installed mine as my first step into getting some more performance out of my M3P for Autocross. The front and rear sway bars along with some wider wheels and stickier tires really took my lap times to the next level. I would say, if you drive hard with these sway bars like I...
I purchased these as set with my coil overs and these are definite must to install. These bushing add great handling to your steering. Steering is more accurate and responds well to the drivers needs. Highly recommend!
Oh, wow; it is insane that one bar can dramatically alter the dynamics of the car. It is so much more planted and stable during those freeway maneuvers, which was the primary reason I bought the bar. The car is just solid at all speeds. Really solid. What is shocking is that the comfort levels seem...
Got the Street/Track version for my 2022 Performance 3 and couldn't be happier with them. I combined them with the Moderate Lowering Springs and this combo is perfect. The turn in is quicker and with the reduced body roll it makes the handling now better match the acceleration abilities of the 3. ...
December 19, 2022
Got these with my order of Moderate Springs and Street/Track Sway-bars and they helped reduced the offset tension of lowering the car. Great product and thank you Blake (from customer service) for answering my questions. Unplugged has been a great company to order from, top notch for sure.
Had the bars installed with the end links on my M3P, at the same time lowered with performance springs and got new tires. No regrets. The car rides flat af. I look forward to round-abouts now. Big ups to UP.
My 2019 Performance Model 3 is great, but with the heavy weight of this EV the cornering at high speeds was disappointing. I recently added these Dual Rate Lowering Springs to the UP Sway Bars, and the handling is definitely getting better! The initial spring rate makes the bumps less jarring with...
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Only our subscribers get early access & product launch details about new releases from Unplugged Performance. Let us know what Tesla vehicle models you own by signing up for our mailing list now.