Dual Rate Linear Comfort Spring Set for Tesla Model 3 Performance and Dual Motor – Stock Height

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Get the comfort and handling benefits of our famous lowering springs without lowering your vehicle.

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Tesla Model 3 Performance
Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor
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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
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Our proprietary Dual-Rate Lowering Springs are renowned for combining comfort and performance in an unbeatable package for customers looking to lower their vehicle.  But not everyone wants a low car.  We have had strong demand from customers in rough climate and rough road environments to engineer a spring that has similar performance characteristics but that focuses on ride comfort and does not lower the vehicle. An unparalleled dedication to research and advanced engineering has created the ultimate in Model 3 spring technology. Every version of every spring we produce is specifically engineered for two distinct linear spring rates. This allows enhanced comfort (spring rate #1) paired with increased handling (spring rate #2).

See why UP is the world’s #1 trusted Tesla tuner and enjoy the benefits of our continued dedication to Tesla R&D.


  • Increases comfort in daily driving situations due to a softer initial rate of the spring.
  • Designed to be a comparable height to the stock ride height of the Telsa Model 3 Performance.
  • Improves feel and performance when cornering through engaging a sportier 2nd rate portion of the spring.
  • Reduces the chance of engaging the bump stops via the firmer secondary rate and therefore reduces the instances of bottoming out including feeling a strong thud or shock over bumps and dips.  Ride quality is improved for both small bump and large bump scenarios at any speed.
  • Produced in an engineering partnership with Formula 1 and 50+ consecutive Indy car winning spring supplier HYPERCO
  • Designed, Engineered and Produced in America
Is this a linear or a progressive spring?
Neither. It is a third category. The dual rate nature of this product is a direct descendant to motorsports “stacked’ spring setups. A stacked spring is two linear springs of differing spring rates and lengths that are stacked together with a predetermined location for a transition point between spring rates. This strategy employed on high end motorsports suspensions provides predictable results yet allows advanced tuning of handling characteristics by using two independent linear spring rates. The dual rate spring we offer is of equivalent concept. It employs two specifically engineered linear spring rates with a specifically located transition point between the two rates. Therefore, it is more linear spring than progressive spring in nature, yet is a third category.
Will Tesla warranty non-Tesla parts such as these springs?
We warranty our spring kit with our lifetime product warranty. Tesla’s warranty covers their products but Tesla does not keep inventory or purchase non Tesla products for warranty repair, they only warranty what they manufacture.
Will Tesla void my warranty if I install aftermarket parts?
A vehicle’s comprehensive warranty as a whole may not be voided due to use of aftermarket parts per the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act ( However, a manufacturer may require a customer to pay for parts and labor for a repair if there is direct causation between a customer’s alteration and the product or service repair being requested. It is in both manufacturer and customer’s interest to follow logic and reason so that the system of good faith is not abused. If this topic interests you please read the law as well as your warranty documentation. Ultimately we are Tesla owners and enthusiasts, we are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice.
Will the longevity of my shocks be impacted by these springs?
Shock life on a vehicle depends on many variables such as driving prolonged periods of time on unpaved surfaces in rural routes, high performance driving on winding roads, motorsports use, and/or other high impact situations. These springs do not appreciably change the ride height of the vehicle and we do not believe there is a chance that they can change the performance or life expectancy of the stock shocks in any way.
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