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Enhance the driving experience of your Tesla Model Y with the Unplugged Performance Pro Coilover sets. Available in Luxury Pro and Sport Pro options, both kits offer adjustable ride height and damping to tailor your EV’s ride. The Luxury Pro features 10k springs for a comfortable ride, while the Sport Pro incorporates 12k springs for a sportier yet still compliant feel. Developed by our expert suspension engineers, these coilovers have undergone extensive testing and fine-tuning on both road and track to deliver the perfect solution for daily driving, spirited canyon runs, or even lap time improvements. Suitable for all Model Y variants, including Dual Motor Performance, Dual Motor Long and Standard Range, and Rear-Wheel Drive models, Unplugged Performance coilovers provide an exceptional upgrade for both everyday and performance driving. For those seeking even higher on-track performance, we recommend our Race Spec Coilovers, Pro Race Spec Coilovers, or the ultimate suspension upgrade for the Model Y, the UP x Öhlins Nür SPL TTX 4-Way Coilover Set.

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Tesla Model Y Luxury Pro & Sport Pro Coilover Suspension Kit for Model Y Performance and Model Y Dual Motor Long Range

Unplugged Performance introduces the Pro series coilovers, designed to elevate your Tesla Model Y’s comfort and handling performance beyond factory specifications. These coilovers offer height adjustability, allowing you to fine-tune your vehicle’s stance according to your preferences. Additionally, the 32-way damping adjustability feature enables you to customize the suspension’s firmness or softness to suit your driving style.

Proven Comfort, Proven Performance

With thousands of satisfied customers, our Pro-series Coilover sets have garnered widespread acclaim for providing a more comfortable and smoother ride in Tesla Model Y vehicles. Even when set to the maximum stiffness for track use, the Luxury Pro coilovers have impressed renowned race car driver Randy Pobst, who praised their performance during rigorous testing sessions (see video below).

Our customer feedback is so overwhelmingly positive that we’ve begun offering an unprecedented 30-day free trial for any Model 3 driver to switch from any competitor’s suspension to Unplugged Performance coilovers. Driving is believing, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Choosing between Luxury Pro and Sport Pro

Both the Luxury Pro and Sport Pro coilover kits have undergone extensive development, guaranteeing improved comfort and handling. While the end goal for both options is enhanced performance, choosing between the two is simple:

  • Luxury Pro: If your priority is a smoother drive experience compared to the factory suspension, the Luxury Pro coilovers are the ideal choice. Equipped with 10k springs, they provide a comfortable ride without compromising handling capabilities.
  • Sport Pro: For those seeking better handling during street driving and occasional track days, along with the added benefit of increased comfort, the Sport Pro coilovers are the recommended option. With 12k springs, they offer improved handling performance while maintaining a compliant ride.

Development History of the Unplugged Performance Model Y Luxury Pro & Sport Pro Coilovers

Our journey began in October 2017, as we assembled a team of industry experts to develop multiple suspension products. By the end of that year, we had successfully fitted the world’s first Model 3 coilovers, paving the way for our continued innovation. Over the course of a year, we meticulously fine-tuned the valving and functionality, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in suspension engineering. To further refine our coilovers, we enlisted the invaluable feedback of race car driver Randy Pobst in 2019. Randy’s expertise validated our successes while offering insights that shaped subsequent production runs. Today, our Pro-series coilovers for the Model Y continue to improve comfort, performance, handling, and longevity.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model Y Luxury Pro & Sport Pro Coilovers Specifications:

  • Height Adjustable: Personalize your Model Y’s height, allowing you to achieve your desired stance, from factory height to slammed.
  • Damping Adjustable: Utilize the easy-to-use 32-way adjustable control to modify the rebound and compression damping simultaneously. Compression damping regulates the speed of suspension compression, while rebound damping controls the rate of suspension rebound. From soft to firm settings, you have the flexibility to choose the smoothness or sportiness of your Model Y’s ride.
  • Correct droop setting at any height: The independent ride height adjustment ensures the correct preload setting without sacrificing handling performance at different heights.
  • Easy access external adjustment knob: The included knob provides fast access to damping adjustment conveniently located in the frunk.
  • High-grade internal technology: Pro-series coilovers employ high-grade internals, and each shock undergoes shock-dyno testing for quality control and consistent results.
  • High-flow D port pistons and super low friction seals: These features contribute to improved performance and durability.
  • Monotube design: The high-end monotube design delivers consistent performance and weight savings compared to less expensive twin-tube designs.
  • Progressive bump stops: The inclusion of progressive bump stops enhances ride quality and protects against
  • Swift linear coilover springs – the best coilover spring money can buy. Luxury Pro Coilovers use 10k springs, while Sport Pro Coilovers use 12k springs
  • Retains the factory upper damper mounts to mitigate the transmission of excessive noise and vibration into the passenger cabin
  • Like our Dual Rate Lowering Springs, the Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit is a simple and straightforward installation onto your Tesla Model Y
  • Installation, height adjustment, and preload adjustments should be performed by a professional installer.
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Rebuildable and re-valvable in the USA

Tesla Model Y Luxury Comfort Coilover Suspension Installation Video


  • 2020 Model Y
  • 2021 Model Y
  • 2022 Model Y
  • 2023 Model Y
  • 2024 Model Y
  • Model Y

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13 reviews for Tesla Model Y – Luxury Pro & Sport Pro Coilover Suspension Kit

  1. jamesmagno93 (verified owner)

    Outstanding coilovers, even BETTER customer service!

    Driving is truly believing. If you’re looking for a smoother ride in your Tesla Y/3, look no further. I can honestly say that with my current setup, the suspension is like night and day compared to stock. Shortly after this install, I just drove from San Diego to San Francisco and it was a WORLD of difference.

    Previously, my dog absolutely HATED car rides in the Tesla, nonstop whining and crying for hours. Now with the smoother ride, she falls right asleep and I take that as her stamp of approval.

    I had them installed at an authorized installer in San Diego at a shop called Euro Auto Spot (also a great business!). During the install, I was informed that one of the technicians had accidentally messed up one of the struts and depressurization the entire shock. UP immediately FaceTimed the shop, gave them the appropriate training, and figured out a quick way-ahead. After overnight shipping the disassembled parts, UP was able to rebuild everything good as new and overnighted the parts back to the shop for install. Despite the minor setback, I could tell that both UP and the shop valued me as a customer and prioritized the solution. At the end of the day, everything was resolved in a matter of 6 work-days (even accounting for a shipping delay courtesy of FedEx).

    Long story short: I am extremely satisfied with the service and products from Unplugged Performance. My new suspension set up was absolutely worth every penny.

  2. ktbertel (verified owner)

    I received my Model Y in October of 2020. After watching many many YouTube videos I was expecting the Model Y suspension to be rough, it was. Some of the videos mentioned unplugged performance. I was willing to invest the money anticipating a dramatic change just like the YouTube videos I watched. It took a few months before the luxury coil over suspension arrived. In the mean time I watched additional videos and my expectation of the dramatic change was changed as other video discussed that the change was incremental but not dramatic. I lowered my expectations once they were installed and tried convincing myself when I first started driving that they were an improvement.
    Now we fast forward to July 2022 hitting a speed bump in Florida and having an ABS sensor trip out. I take it into the Tesla service location and they tell me that coil over shock pinched the wire as it was not place correctly. With this information I re-think if the coil-overs were installed correctly the first time. Unplugged Performance put me in touch with a different mechanic. Mike Campi at Charged up Performance in Horsham PA looked at the work and found some opportunities for improvement. The ride is better. I am very happy with Mike’s work and ability. I appreciate unplugged performance connecting me to Mike and I would give the following recommendation to the luxury coil over suspension.
    The OEM suspension for the Tesla Model Y is rough. The unplugged performance luxury coil over suspension will improve this if it is set up correctly by a knowledgeable mechanic, but do not think it will be like riding on a cloud. Incremental improvement should be expected, keep working with the installer if you do not get an improvement. Just set an expectation that it is not air suspension and you will not be driving on cloud. You will still feel bumps. Thank you to both Andrew Petrella at Unpluged Performance and Mike Campi from Charged up Performance for making this a customer service success.

  3. johnpaul.sansone (verified owner)

    Somewhat similar to the other reviews, these Luxury Coilovers are an amazing product, but may require a little fine tuning. The good news is that if you’re patient, the team at UPP will take great care of you.

    I initially placed an order for the Lux Coilovers for my 2021 LR MY in October. With them finally available, I made a trip all the way down to Hawthorne (from Sacramento) to also have them handle the install in June. They installed the coilovers as well as their Rear Camber Arms as they ended up lowering the car an inch.

    After experiencing a couple of small issues (mainly sound related – nothing affecting the car or drivability), I reached out looking for help. Jeff in the support team was great to work with over email and I ended up making another trip down to get it sorted. I had previously, after the initial month, found a local shop to increase the height back to stock (or closer to it) as I was scraping over bumps and dips.

    On this recent visit, I knew what I needed to ask for and Luke hopped in the car with me and made me feel very comfortable during the whole visit. I left feeling like a happy camper, and I can’t say this enough, the car feels BRAND NEW…but in an even better than new sense. They solved my two issues, and everything is now silent and smooth like butter with a setting of 6 clicks all around and around 44/45 PSI on all tires.

    The drive back up to Sacramento was a joy, and I’m very happy with these products and the amazing support that the Unplugged Performance team provided. They made me love this car again and I highly recommend having them install this product if you’re local (in SoCal area or able to drive down). Best part is that my Wife can also tell the difference. 🙂

    Final shout out as well to Adam, my client specialist, as he was great to work with. Good communication and follow-up throughout the whole process and even before I ever drove down.

    Thanks again UPP!

  4. benbraun (verified owner)

    Super happy with the Luxury Model Y coilovers!! And customer service was flawless!!

    I drove down from SF and had them installed at UPP. Not only do they know what they’re doing, they spent time to test drive and fine tune the settings for my car specifically. My main goal was to fix the bumpity-bumpity tight suspension on the Model Y. The car now feels MUCH smoother than stock with current settings (13F/10R), and it’s nice to know I can easily click them down to float more if I want to try that later.

    This was a significant investment, but totally worth it in my book.

  5. tony.bohm (verified owner)

    I wanted to wait a few weeks before leaving my review to really see if there was a significant difference and it is a significantly better ride. I commute 70 miles a day on a fairly rough socal highway and the change is noticeable. Yes, you’re still going to feel the bumps but they are not as jarring.

    Aside from the ride quality, I also have to give a shout out to the team at unplugged, specifically Kirk who was in constant communication with me during the waiting process. Thanks Unplugged and Kirk!

  6. aljh11 (verified owner)

    Received my suspension for my Y 2022 long range what a difference. Set it for 8 on the adjustment rides totally different what a great job took it to a friend of mine Frank Reyes to install Desert car medics said the product was very well made installed it in about 5 and 1/2 hours. Driving it for a couple of days now really loving the difference it made totally recommend upgrading your suspension great help and customer support thanks Kirk Nelson

  7. hadfiiw (verified owner)

    The shop we had these installed was a 1.5 hour highway drive away so the trip home was a great test to see if we liked them (we live in NC). It was immediately noticeable that the ride of our 2021 Y was softer and bumps were not as hard. We had the shop set our coilovers to setting number “3” and kept the stock ride height. We also had the Adjustable Rear Camber Arms from UPP installed.

    As this is our road trip car, looking forward to that next road trip to see if anything needs to be adjusted. Will update the review if we change the settings.

  8. massary.2 (verified owner)

    My wife drives a Model Y as her daily driver and for a commuter car the model Y suspension can be very harsh. Purchased the luxury coilovers and sway bars to help with this. Only 1 mechanic in North Carolina was certified to do it that was in the unplugged performance network and I had problems with connecting with them. Fortunately, Unplugged performance customer service is great. Spencer sent some install instructions to a local mechanic who was willing to work on our tesla and offered over the phone support if needed. Scarlett Performance in Winston Salem did a great job installing the parts. Ride quality is much improved compared to stock parts.

  9. ejoshuahill (verified owner)

    We are loving our new UP Luxury Coilovers on our 2021 Model Y! The improvement is noticeable at level 8, the car handles bumps much more smoothly, and the handling seems to have improved as well.

    I worked primarily with Kirk and he was great. Very approachable and easy to talk to. He talked through our whole situation and offered suggestions for various settings based on our needs. We felt very well tended to and he was very reachable over the phone, text and email.

    The parts took some time to get to me given their overwhelming popularity, and I would recommend reaching out to an installer directly to see if they have the parts in stock rather than waiting in line to get them directly from Unplugged.

    In the Chicagoland area, we had our suspension installed by Race Consulting Agency (RCA) in Mundelein, IL. They were outstanding and they had parts in stock and they do many of these installs on a regular basis so I would recommend them as well if you are in the area.

    Thanks again so much Kirk and team – keep up the great work!

  10. yoseft5167 (verified owner)

    An absolutely must have product!

    I have a 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range and since the beginning could not stop noticing how rough the ride was. In the Bay Area the roads are ridiculously uneven and are in terrible conditions with bumps, potholes, uneven payments and much more on the roads leading to consistent shaking or tossing around as well as very harsh dampening. Friends and family who usually drive with me mention how rough it is and have a hard time being in the vehicle for lone periods or falling asleep in my car. I looked towards the aftermarket for the best Luxury Coilovers available for my Tesla and found Unplugged Performance through my work. They are well known for creating top of the line engineered products and offer excellent support. I reached out to Unplugged Performance in Spring 2022 and worked with Adam who has been a fantastic advisor! He worked with me diligently and stayed in contact throughout the whole process and offered an unmatched customer service experience. We made an appointment and made our way down to Hawthorne from Fremont, CA and got them installed at Unplugged Performance.

    It has now been over a year since I got the Luxury Coilovers installed and can give my opinion on it. They are simply AMAZING. I have put over 32,000 miles on the luxury coilers and can confidently recommend these to anyone looking to improve their Model Y ride quality. The first thing I noticed (which I dont see many mentions of in reviews or threads on reddit) was that immediately my car got quieter. Before the wind noise and road noise was very loud and prominent and once we hit the LA freeway with the Coilovers, road noise was barely noticeable. My current settings are 6 in the front and 5 in the rear with a stock ride height, and these settings have worked best for me and my family, offering an excellent luxurious feeling ride. The Bay Area has extremely uneven roads and with these, they glide and swallow bumps wonderfully and do not bounce excessively like some other vehicles. Family members can sleep comfortably and long roadtrips or daily driving is much more luxurious feeling. Before the coilovers, I would constantly think about the suspension and was consistently imagine myself buying a different vehicle with better suspension even tho I loved my Model Y so much. Yet that thought has since been disappeared and I have not once thought of selling my car, or thought of the suspension/ride quality. Having the adjustability as well offers such great utility and versatility.

    Thank you so much again Unplugged Performance for such great engineered products! Thank you again Adam for the excellent support through the entire process!

  11. dmitryshnayder (verified owner)

    I bought 2023 Tesla Model Y in December 2022 and immediately noticed rough and bumpy ride. I contacted Tesla service, assuming that something is broken, but they confirmed that this is how stock suspension supposed to feel. Fortunately an aftermarket solution exists. I ordered Luxury Coilover Kit from Unplugged Performance. It took a while to receive it, but finally got it installed. The difference is huge. I drove 300 miles with the new coilover kit. Initially I set adjusters to the first click, the softest setting. The car feels like a boat, softly floating above the road. Much better than original ride, where every road bump shakes the whole my body. I’m planing to try various settings later to see how different adjustments feels. Overall I’m extremely happy with the Luxury Coilover Kit. Thanks to Unplugged Performance for the great product!

    Special thanks to Adam for proactive customer service. He called me few days after delivery to confirm that there is no issues with the kit and installation went smooth.

  12. f1dinesh (verified owner)

    Having purchased a UP Sport coilover kit for my Model 3, I purchased this kit for my Model Y as well along with Camber & Toe arms. This kit makes an amazing difference to the ride quality and handling on my Model Y. The car handled surprisingly well on the track with minimal rollover thanks to the adjustments. Highly recommended! Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CvqeKhkv-kq/

  13. lutzlind (verified owner)

    I had my Coilovers installed by NV Auto in Hamilton Canada.
    They did a good job and I now have a great ride.
    After about a month of driving I went one step further and put new 18” rims and tires on.
    This really improved the ride and is is a joy to drive my Tesla again.

    Thanks unplugged performance and specially Kirk Nason for such good service.

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Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit for Tesla Model Y
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