UP x Koenigsegg Carbon Fiber Long Tail Decklid Spoiler for Tesla Model X / Model X Plaid


Produced in collaboration with Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing in Europe, the iconic Unplugged Performance Long Tail Decklid Spoiler is now imbued with the world’s most spectacular supercar manufacturing prowess.  The most aerodynamic shape in nature is a teardrop. Teardrop aerodynamic shapes have been utilized by all levels of motorsports, as well as by Tesla themselves with the Model 3 Performance trunk spoiler and in our own High Efficiency designs. In keeping with clean lines and aerodynamic principles, the Long Tail Decklid Spoiler was created. This trunk spoiler elongates the natural lines of the Model X hatch to streamline airflow over and off the back of the car to reduce turbulence.  The Unplugged Rear Decklid Spoiler for Tesla Model X seamlessly integrates with the rear hatch, lights, and quarter panels to provide a subtle lengthening of the body, thus smoothing airflow and providing a more dynamic rear profile. Fits all 2012-2022 and 2021+ Tesla Model X versions without issues.

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