Tesla Model 3 UP x Koenigsegg Collaboration Ascension-R Front Wide Fender Set


Produced in collaboration with Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing in Europe, the Unplugged Performance CFD developed Front Wide Fender allows you to run wider wheels and tires to deliver maximum grip for on-track performance. The standard Tesla Model 3 cannot accommodate more than roughly 275-millimeter section width front tires with a street alignment or in extreme cases 295-millimeter with aggressive race camber. This fender pairing replaces the original front fender entirely with a 20 millimeter wider version to accommodate the widest possible front tire. This enables the use of performance tires up to 315-millimeter section width (with supporting Unplugged Performance front upper control arms) through widening and reshaping the fender for extreme clearance while maintaining a subtle aggressive shape. In CFD validation A/B tests in combination with our Ascension-R package the front fenders when added provided a 15lb further increase in front downforce with a drag increase of only 6lbs due to the aero efficient shape. Our world record Tesla Model 3 race cars use this fender to enable superior front grip.

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