This Pearl White Multicoat Tesla Model S stops & looks better thanks to an Unplugged Performance Carbon Ceramic Big Brake Kit (BBK) and a set of lightweight UP-03 forged Wheels

The 2021+ Tesla Model S Plaid is a remarkably well-designed car. It flows right and its overall proportions cater to both the visual appeal and the aerodynamic traits needed for improved efficiency required by this EV. It’s one of the best performance vehicles right off the factory, providing impressive performance and impressive ride quality in an ecologically friendly package. However, some Model S Plaid owners like to improve on the OEM qualities of their cars. And for this owner, that meant upgrading this Plaid’s wheels and adding an aftermarket carbon ceramic big brake kit.

Pearl White Multicoat Tesla Model S - UP Carbon Ceramic Big Brake Kit (BBK)


The Tesla Model S Plaid is one of the fastest street cars on earth and decelerating 5000 lbs quickly, repeatedly and with consistent driver confidence is a big challenge. In turn, pushing your Plaid anywhere near its limits requires a braking system that can take a beating from high-weight-high-g-force stops exerting incredible forces repeatedly.  The Unplugged Performance Carbon-Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit (BBK) is designed to significantly increase this capacity. It accomplishes the various motorsports records and thrilled street user feedback it has received by providing a 93% increase in pad/rotor surface contact, significantly higher thermal capacity hardware, and custom-tailored brake pad compounds to provide the highest possible operating range temperature and pedal feel. It also happens to be significantly lighter in unsprung weight which brings advantages in feel, efficiency, and handling response.

Carbon ceramic braking technology is leveraged by modern hypercars and supercars to provide the ultimate in stopping power, combined with the unique characteristics of carbon which include lightweight, light-wearing, and long component life.  Early-generation carbon-ceramic rotors from manufacturers such as Ferrari and Porsche earned a reputation for being squeaky and cranky in cold weather, these problems have been overcome with the latest generation of carbon-ceramic technology. We are proud to say that our carbon-ceramic brake systems are quieter than any iron system we have tried with performance pads and perform well in all conditions from boiling hot track days to frozen mountain roads.

A key advantage of this big brake kit is the packaging and efficiency. We’ve managed to increase pad to rotor surface area from 77.5cm² (standard equipment) to 149.4cm² with this kit. This represents a massive increase of 93% while still fitting factory 19″ wheels. Beyond standing up to the deceleration demands of the Plaid Model S, the Unplugged Performance Superlight Carbon-Ceramic Big Brake Kit lowers unsprung weight in excess of 25lbs which translates to a reduction in the amount of inertia for the components managed by the suspension, which in turn leads to a more responsive ride and more agile handling feel. Additionally, reductions to the rolling mass can also improve range and efficiency for vehicles with economy-focused wheels and tires.

Pearl White Multicoat Tesla Model S - UP Carbon Ceramic Big Brake Kit (BBK)

The lightweight Unplugged Performance UP-03 wheels, designed & engineered specifically with this Tesla application in mind

We have a never-ending pursuit of improved efficiency through weight savings for most of our products. Beyond the sheer improvement in performance, reducing the unsprung weight of an electric vehicle is almost equally important. Hence, we have developed one of the world’s lightest weight wheel options, designed specifically for the Tesla Model S Plaid. Produced in aerospace-grade forged aluminum for maximum weight savings and strength, the Unplugged Performance UP-03 wheels for Tesla Model S Plaid are the product of a massive amount of R&D. The end result is a lightweight custom-made forged wheel that will allow your vehicle not only to stand out but also, help you achieve improved performance.

This particular Pearl White Multicoat Tesla model S Plaid is equipped with a set of 21″ UP-03 wheels, filling those large while arches of the Plaid perfectly. The wheels are sized 21×10.5 in the front and 21×12 in the rear. Our customer decided on a Satin Black finish, working perfectly with the Gloss Black brake calipers of our carbon ceramic big brake kit (BBK) and rather well against the gorgeous white exterior of this Model S Plaid. For those that want to do a similar setup, the wheels are wrapped in a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires, sized 265/35/21 in the front and 295/35/21 in the rear and you can order a wheel & tire package for your Model S by contacting us right away.

You can get a more detailed look at the finished project in the media gallery right below.

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