Model S Plaid / Model S - Front Upper Control Arm Set - Ultimate Edition (FUCA) (2021+)
Model S Plaid / Model S – Front Upper Control Arm Set – Ultimate Edition (FUCA) (2021+)

Model S Plaid / Model S – Front Upper Control Arm Set – Ultimate Edition (FUCA) (2021+)



Upgrade your Tesla Model S Plaid’s performance with our Front Upper Control Arm (FUCA) set. Crafted to provide the ultimate range of adjustment for front camber, caster, and toe within minutes. A must-have upgrade for those seeking a more dynamic and efficient ride on and off the track.

  • Patented camber pill technology allows for quick camber adjustments

  • Replaces Tesla part numbers FR UPR CTRL ARM, LH, P2 1420321-00-B and FR UPR CTRL ARM, RH, P2 1420326-00-B

  • Ideal for performance-oriented drivers


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Unplugged Performance Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms – Ultimate Edition for Tesla Model S

Designed for precision and adaptability, these control arms allow for precise suspension setup, ensuring your vehicle achieves superior handling and alignment.

Constructed from high quality materials, these control arms are built to withstand rigorous driving conditions while providing reliable performance. Featuring our patented camber pill technology, the flip pill can be used for quick changes between racing and road use camber alignment. This level of precision is essential for maintaining excellent handling characteristics, whether you’re driving at high speeds or navigating tight turns.

These control arms are an ideal upgrade for drivers seeking to optimize their Tesla Model S for spirited driving or to improve the comfort and control of their daily commute. With the Unplugged Performance Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms – Ultimate Edition, you’ll experience a new level of handling and performance in your Tesla Model S.


It isn’t cheap to install parts, get alignment, and race. We figured why cut corners on budget when a few hundred dollars more can make the difference in performance, let’s just build the best product money can buy. Sure enough, these were not cheap to make. Each monoblock aluminum arm encases the ball joint in a massively rigid asymmetrical design. You’ll notice laser etching denoting LH and RH sides reflecting this. Each side has easy to access turnbuckles and bottom access adjustment points for alignment and provides control of camber, caster, and toe for the ultimate in alignment options. The shape is precisely sculpted in CAD to optimize suspension travel and retains clearance on full compression.


More than you can afford pal. Seriously though, when we tested on our race car we maxed out at 5.8 degrees of negative camber on our race setting (3.8 degrees on street pill setting). It is safe to say that there is more camber adjustment possible than anyone would ever need. On our race cars we find the fastest settings on race slicks require -4.0 degrees of front camber which these do with ease. Want to lift your car and go overlanding? No problem, these can go positive camber as well to offset for increased height. This design allows for the maximum flexibility of adjustable camber range. Please note that actual max/min camber depends on variables such as vehicle ride height and type of spring/shock combination.


We’ve set multiple racing records with these but you can enjoy them for your daily commute in blissful Autopilot enabled meditative silence as well. We guarantee it, along with all of our suspension products.


We spend a lot on materials and we like to show them off in a hi-tech way. We use a rugged and corrosion-resistant Cerakote clear coating to encapsulate and show off the precisely CNC machined and laser etched aircraft grade 6061-T6 billet Aluminum.

Derived through extensive R&D on our track record-holding Model S Plaid race car, these arms are the best-engineered and easiest way to get the maximum front grip out of your Plaid Model S:

  • Fully adjustable front camber, caster, and toe
  • Patented Quick Camber Change Pill design
  • Maximize wheel and tire size and optimize geometry for maximum grip
  • CNC-milled 6061 aluminum for maximum strength while saving weight
  • FEA-simulation optimized to ensure superior static, dynamic, and fatigue strength
  • Sealed spherical bushings for unmatched precision and durability with silent operation
  • Replaces Tesla part numbers FR UPR CTRL ARM, LH, P2 1420321-00-B and FR UPR CTRL ARM, RH, P2

Front Upper Control Arm (FUCA) Include:

  • (1) Right Upper Arm

  • (1) Left Upper Arm

  • (1) Flip Pills (Outer Joint) installed

  • (1) Retainer Screws

Replacement Pill/Ball Joint Include:
  • (1) Replacement Pill/Ball Joint


U.S. Patent No. 11,926,362

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Fits These Teslas Fits These Teslas

  • 2021 Tesla Model S
  • 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid
  • 2022 Tesla Model S
  • 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid
  • 2023 Tesla Model S
  • 2023 Tesla Model S Plaid
  • 2024 Tesla Model S
  • 2024 Tesla Model S Plaid
  • 2025 Tesla Model S
  • 2025 Tesla Model S Plaid
  • Model S (2021+)

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