CYBRHEX Forged Wheels – Designed for Tesla Cybertruck, Fits All Tesla Vehicles (Sold Individually)


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The UP CYBERHEX Wheel. Equipment for your interplanetary future.

The first aftermarket wheel designed for the Telsa Cybertruck through a collaboration between Unplugged Performance and accomplished sports car designer Sasha Selipanov, with all the right brutalist neo-futuristic design notes and incredible strength to take you anywhere on Earth or beyond. Initially shipping Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X & Model Y fitments.  These wheels fit all Tesla brake options, including the Tesla Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake kit as well as all UP Big Brake and Carbon Ceramic Brake kits for all Tesla Models.


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The UP CYBRHEX forged wheel is developed through a groundbreaking partnership with Sasha Selipanov, an accomplished sports car designer (his work can be seen on the Lamborghini Huracan, Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Gemera, Koenigsegg CC850, and other iconic automobiles) to encapsulate the spirit of the retro-futuristic Tesla Cybertruck

With the advent of the Cybertruck, a bold new design language was introduced into the Tesla brand. We felt it was only appropriate to develop specialized products appropriate for this new era of Tesla. In our approach to the iconoclastic Cybertruck, we needed not only a wheel that looked right with the design visually, but that could put up with the rigors of carrying heavy loads, towing heavier loads, and dealing with the roughest terrain on earth, the Moon or Mars.

“I’m thrilled to team up with Unplugged Performance for this new wheel design. We aimed for something that looks equally at home on Earth and on Mars. The result is a great match for the brutalist aesthetics of the Tesla Cybertruck.” – Sasha Selipanov

The design inspiration dates back over a decade, representing a visual that would be equally appropriate inserted in Sci-Fi films of old, but also, on vehicles a 100 years in the future, on some distant planet colonized by humans

The origins of the CYBRHEX design go back to a 2007 “Pharaoh” concept car by Sasha, long before his storied work with the famous Supercar brands that followed. Sasha and Ben Schaffer (UP Co-Founder/CEO) are friends, and in a late-night conversation, Sasha was sharing some of his old concept car sketches. Ben was immediately taken with the time defying design and presence of the Pharaoh.

“There’s a shared quality of timelessness with both the Pharaoh concept and the Cybertruck. The 70’s inspired wedge design in both cases represents a visual that would be equally appropriate inserted in scenes from the 1970s, the 2000s, or even a hundred years into the future. This design aesthetic also would be equally appropriate on earth or roaming the surface of other planets. A desire to push the limits of design, and a shared passion for the art of making exciting cars inspired our collaboration to turn the concept into reality.” – Ben Schaffer

In the time that followed, we’ve engineered this timeless wheel design concept that Sasha ideated back in 2007 into a high-performance rugged option machined out of forged 6061-T6 billet aluminum. When viewed in person, the wheel plays a visual trick in that it looks like CG in real life. This brings on a similar feeling the first time we saw the Cybertruck in person.

“It is fantastic to see the return of brutalist “wedge” shapes to car design. Pioneered in the 1970s by the great Italian design masters this form language always looked towards the future and towards space exploration in particular. My 2007 Pharaoh sketches (pictured below) were inspired by that era in car design, I am thrilled to have contributed to Unplugged Performance’s new CYBRHEX wheel.” – Sasha Selipanov


Pharaoh Concept Car By Sasha SelimanovCYBRHEX wheel on Tesla Cybertruck on Mars


Going from design concept to reality has a long list of steps along the way. Over the year that followed Ben & Sasha’s initial ideas, we’ve collectively tackled major engineering and production challenges to bring such a unique shape to market and make it WORK.

Produced in aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum for maximum weight savings and durability, the Unplugged Performance CYBRHEX wheels are built from the ground up to perform. The end result is the first wheel designed and engineered specifically for the Cybertruck with toughness and design-DNA appropriate for an adventure filled CYBR future.

Key takeaways for the Unplugged Performance CYBRHEX wheels

  • Designed in collaboration with famed supercar designer Sasha Selipanov and featuring his iconic “Sash!” signature engraved on the barrel
  • Produced in lightweight forged 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum for superior strength and over-engineered for the rigorous Cybertruck use
  • 20″, 21″, and 22″ inch applications are initially available in fitments for all Tesla vehicles
  • Unique hexagonal centercap
  • Anti-slip knurling, an F1 race car technology, designed to reduce tire slip
  • Designed & accepts factory Tesla TPMS, lug nuts, and fits all center Tesla center bores
  • Square fitment orders ship with matching front & rear wheel sizes in vehicle appropriate 9.5 width +35 offset. This wheel accept tires from a minimum 245 to a maximum 285 wide. Square orders are rotatable to expand tire longevity.
  • Staggered fitments include 2 front wheels in a vehicle appropriate 9.5 width with a +35 offset which accepts tires in 245-285 width & includes 2 rear wheels in a vehicle appropriate 10.5 width +35 offset which accepts tires in 265-315 width.
  • For all years of Tesla Model Y & Model S variants – The factory 21″ staggered tires can be used with the 21″ CYBRHEX 9.5/10.5 staggered sizes.
  • For all Tesla Model X variants in 22″ staggered factory tires – The factory 22″ staggered tires can also be utilized on the 22″ CYBRHEX 9.5/10.5 staggered sizes.
  • For all other Teslas, please select appropriate tire sizes that respect the factory rolling diameters and that are within the body limits of the car. The Model 3 can accept the appropriate rolling diameter tires in 21″ in a low profile tire. We do not advise 22″ for the Model 3. The Model S, X & Y can accept both 21″ and 22″. The Model Y and Model S should take caution to match appropriate rolling diameters for 22″ sizes. For all questions on tire sizing and more extreme applications please feel welcome to contact us prior to ordering.
  • We guarantee wheel fitment on all applications without rubbing/interference when paired with standard Tesla tire sizes and without added spacers or further modifications.
  • We do not advise spacers as the width and offset is already engineered to be appropriately sporty as an OEM+ type fitment. Spacers with stud extenders may interfere with the multi-drilled backpad of the wheel and we cannot guarantee aftermarket spacer support.
  • Cybertruck specific application wheels will not ship until final validation and testing is completed on the production-spec vehicle. All Cybertruck images are 3d renderings.
  • Note: for those who choose the Gloss Black/Machined 2-tone finish, the Machined sections are left with the raw machined look and may show lines and other markings from the machining process.


Model S
Model 3
Model X
Model Y

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PLEASE NOTE: For international orders, customs fees, duties or taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.



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Unplugged Performance CYBRHEX Wheels

Metallic Blue Tesla Model 3 – UP CYBRHEX Wheels

Tesla Model Y – UP CYBRHEX Wheels

Tesla Model S Plaid – UP CYBRHEX Wheels

What our customers say
Oh, wow; it is insane that one bar can dramatically alter the dynamics of the car. It is so much more planted and stable during those freeway maneuvers, which was the primary reason I bought the bar. The car is just solid at all speeds. Really solid. What is shocking is that the comfort levels seem...
These dual rate springs were the most noticeable and effective upgrade I've made to my Model Y. Much better handling and comfort compared to the stock standard rate springs.
These are exactly what I was expecting. I waited over a year for them. Pandemic backorders and all. It took me about 6 hours to install with help from a friend. The fronts were the worst part. You have to have the spring compressors mounted just right and really compress them a lot to assemble the...
Purchased these with the luxury coilovers but kept things at stock ride height. So far, everything is great!
The shop we had these installed was a 1.5 hour highway drive away so the trip home was a great test to see if we liked them (we live in NC). It was immediately noticeable that the ride of our 2021 Y was softer and bumps were not as hard. We had the shop set our coilovers to setting number "3" and...
Paint match was perfect. Fit is perfect. It’s exactly what I was looking for, exceeded expectations.
LOVE my new UP-03 wheels. Super light, super strong and they look so good. Super high quality finish on the wheels too, worth every penny. Have had the wheels for just a few days and have gotten tons of compliments on the road and at the track. These are the best wheels you can buy for your Tesla,...
Moto Miwa definitely made the right recommendation for the Moderate Lowering springs for my Model 3 Performance. They gave it the perfect balance between drop and functionality - good ride quality and no scraping. Also, in another conversation regarding tire wear, Moto suggested I purchase the...
My 2019 Performance Model 3 is great, but with the heavy weight of this EV the cornering at high speeds was disappointing. I recently added these Dual Rate Lowering Springs to the UP Sway Bars, and the handling is definitely getting better! The initial spring rate makes the bumps less jarring with...
If love carbon fiber like I do then this is a must. Nothing compares to UP carbon coaster. The weaves are super clean, very sturdy, looks great. I couldn’t help myself and got this to add to my carbon collection.
I wanted to wait a few weeks before leaving my review to really see if there was a significant difference and it is a significantly better ride. I commute 70 miles a day on a fairly rough socal highway and the change is noticeable. Yes, you’re still going to feel the bumps but they are not as...
I purchased these as set with my coil overs and these are definite must to install. These bushing add great handling to your steering. Steering is more accurate and responds well to the drivers needs. Highly recommend!
Had the bars installed with the end links on my M3P, at the same time lowered with performance springs and got new tires. No regrets. The car rides flat af. I look forward to round-abouts now. Big ups to UP.
On the track or not these sway bars make your car feel solid on turns. Immediately I noticed improved corner turns which is great! Highly recommend!
These brakes perform great and I should have upgraded to these a long time ago. Pedal travel with with the included brake lines are much improved as well.
I've covered innovation in the vehicle space for a long time. Mercedes Benz gave me its first ride in its first autonomous vehicle. BMW drove me around SXSW in the first i3 electric all week long. I wrote four books on technology, predicting with each decade-long trends. I have the first video on...
Received my suspension for my Y 2022 long range what a difference. Set it for 8 on the adjustment rides totally different what a great job took it to a friend of mine Frank Reyes to install Desert car medics said the product was very well made installed it in about 5 and 1/2 hours. Driving it for a...
I have my model 3 performance and love it and now after adding these coil overs, can’t comprehend why these aren’t stock for tesla. These coil overs are amazing automagically felt like the car was on a cloud, handles great, and very smooth. Noise is reduced and can not believe I took this long...
Shout out to Andrew at Unplugged Performance! Customer service is excellent. Great communication with everything. Knowledgeable about all products. Will do more business with UP.
Excellent product! I installed mine as my first step into getting some more performance out of my M3P for Autocross. The front and rear sway bars along with some wider wheels and stickier tires really took my lap times to the next level. I would say, if you drive hard with these sway bars like I...
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Only our subscribers get early access & product launch details about new releases from Unplugged Performance. Let us know what Tesla vehicle models you own by signing up for our mailing list now.