BBS x Unplugged Performance Flugplatz Wheels Revealed – Available for Model 3 and Model Y applications

Today, we’re proud to continue our longstanding partnership with BBS GmbH on our latest wheel the UP x BBS Flugplatz (FP).  In 2020, we began Unplugged Performance Nürburgring operations and local manufacturing. In naming this wheel we pay homage to the iconic Flugplatz crest at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Flugplatz wheel is produced for UP by BBS Germany and is built for extreme strength to endure daily driven abuse and even going airborne at speed over Nürburgring’s Flugplatz crest.  This section of the Nürburgring presents perhaps the most demanding section of any racetrack on earth for the structural integrity of a wheel as cars routinely launch off the crest before slamming back down onto the road surface.

This wheel is engineered and produced in Germany explicitly to take this punishment from heavy Tesla vehicles running on thin 20″ tires.

Midnight Blue Metallic Tesla Model 3 - BBS x Unplugged Performance Flugplatz Wheels

World-Class Quality
BBS’s reputation is second to none. From F1 to equipping the world’s fastest supercars, BBS is a world leader in quality and performance. BBS also happens to be the pioneer of flow-forming technology which they’ve been using and perfecting since their Ferrari F430 challenge wheels popularized the technology years ago.
The Flugplatz wheel utilizes BBS flow-forming technology to make an extremely strong and weight-optimized wheel that is built for a lifetime of daily driven abuse. These wheels are TÜV SÜD approved and tested beyond 2,000,000 load cycles and with a vehicle weight rating exceeding 6000lbs making them conservatively strong enough for even the largest SUVs. In destructive testing, a single wheel has exceeded 3800lbs of load.

Made Just For Tesla
When we approached BBS for a perfect daily driven wheel we developed this solution which is made exclusively for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Unlike most aftermarket wheels, these are sized perfectly for the application, accept factory TPMS sensors, Tesla factory lug nuts, and have Tesla correct center bore dimensions.

A True Partnership
Every set of wheels comes co-branded by BBS Germany and Unplugged Performance on the wheel and on the special UP x BBS center caps to represent this special continued collaboration.

Sized Right
From our experience of working with thousands of Model 3 and Model Y owners, we’ve selected the best sizing for a daily driven car. The Flugplatz sizing of 20×9+32 allows all factory 20” Tesla tires to be swapped over and fitted for both Model 3 and Model Y. The correct tire sizing range is 235 to 275 wide which also allows track enthusiasts to go up to 275 wide front and rear if desired. The Flugplatz is also designed to clear the UP BFB 6 piston big brake kits with 15.5” rotors.

Product Specifications

  • 20×9″ +32 (engineered to fit Model 3 factory 235 front/rear, Model Y factory 255 front/255, or anything from 235-275 width square setup or staggered)
  • Wheel Weight: 28lbs in 20×9 size
  • Engineered and manufactured by BBS in Germany exclusively for Unplugged Performance and the entire Model 3 and Model Y range
  • Designed to accept Tesla standard 20-inch tire sizes for Model 3 and Model Y
  • Accepts all Tesla factory components: TPMS adapters, Tesla lug nuts, and correct Tesla center bore
  • BBS exclusive flow-formed technology, the exact same as BBS has supplied to Ferrari and Porsche
  • TÜV SÜD approved and tested beyond 2,000,000 load cycles, 10 times the TÜV SÜD requirement
  • Mass-centered design to reduce the moment of inertia and improve acceleration, deceleration, and car efficiency
  • Available in Gloss Black or exclusive Unplugged Performance Asteroid Graphite coating designed to integrate beautifully with all Tesla factory color cars

The BBS x Unplugged Flugplatz wheels are available for ordering for the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y right away. For further inquiries regarding fitment or other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these wheels on a Model 3 below. Additionally, we’ve added two product galleries as well: Gloss Black and Asteroid Graphite.

BBS x Unplugged Performance Flugplatz Wheels – Gloss Black

BBS x Unplugged Performance Flugplatz Wheels – Asteroid Graphite

BBS x Unplugged Performance Flugplatz Wheels – Vehicle Galleries




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Dominic Marcu - Racing Driver perfect! with their help I can have the desired setup for the competition car.
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Installed front big brake kit and noticed extreme improvement over stock model x plaid brakes. Later installed the rear carbon ceramic rotors and pads and noticed an appreciable increase in braking power and am now quite comfortable braking from speeds in the 160mph range and that was not the case...
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Just installed the UP super performance lowering springs and they completely changed my car, the handling improvement is incredible, feels like it's on rails.
Been waiting for this part from UP since purchasing my coilovers almost 2 years ago. This part is completely much more superior than the OEM part and steering feel is much more accurate and responsive.
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Dominic Marcu - Racing Driver perfect! with their help I can have the desired setup for the competition car.
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My wife drives a Model Y as her daily driver and for a commuter car the model Y suspension can be very harsh with a lot of body roll. Purchased the luxury coilovers and sway bars to help with this. Only 1 mechanic in North Carolina was certified to do it that was in the unplugged performance...
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