Introducing “Dark Knight”, the latest Model S-APEX to roll out of Unplugged Performance’s Complete Vehicle program. The Complete Vehicle program offers bespoke Tesla vehicles tailored to individual preferences and styles. With options ranging from exterior colors, interior materials, suspension setups, and special features each car is transformed into a high-performance, high-luxury experience.

Each S-APEX build starts life as a Tesla Model S Plaid and increases form and function through extensive aerodynamic, braking, suspension, and luxury modifications to bring a comprehensive hypercar-like experience to the Plaid’s 1,020 hp and 1,050 lb-ft of torque hypercar-like powertrain.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S-APEX Plaid Carbon Fiber Aero Suspension Carbon Ceramic Brakes BBK Wheels Image 6

Carbon Fiber Aerodynamics and Lightweight UP-03 Forged Wheels

As with all S-APEX cars, the highlight of Dark Knight’s exterior lies in the extensive carbon fiber features. Unplugged Performance has once again redefined the limits of design and engineering by seamlessly integrating a 19-piece prepreg carbon fiber widebody kit that increases the width of the vehicle by 60mm. Housed inside the widened fenders are lightweight UP-03 forged monoblock wheels measuring 21×10” in front and 21×11.5” in the rear, paired with 285/30 and 305/30 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires front and rear, respectively. The carbon fiber rocker panels include an integrated aerodynamic bargeboard aft the front wheels to improve aerodynamic airflow.

Downforce is enhanced at the rear using a Carbon Fiber Rear Longtail Spoiler made in collaboration with Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing meaning this part rolls off the same production line as the carbon fiber parts on Koenigsegg’s hypercars. Balancing downforce and effectively reducing lift at the front end of Dark Knight is an Unplugged Performance Autobahn Front Carbon Fiber Diffuser, a first for an S-APEX build. Wrapping up the build is a sleek satin black finish exterior with exposed bits of its carbon fiber body.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S-APEX Plaid Carbon Fiber Aero Suspension Carbon Ceramic Brakes BBK Wheels Image 2

Motorsports-derived Suspension Transforms the Driving Experience

Pairing the Model S-APEX driving experience to the hypercar speed of the Plaid comes in the form of improved suspension and braking components, a must for anyone wanting to increase the performance and safety of their Tesla for high-performance or track driving.

Increasing grip and cornering speeds come from the inclusion of a variety of Unplugged Performance Suspension parts. Their Sports Dynamic Lowering Kit lowers the center of gravity for improved handling, and the 3-way adjustable Rear Sway Bar and GT Rear Strut Tower Brace reduce body-roll and increase dynamic rotation. An extensive list of billet aluminum adjustable control arms including Adjustable Front Upper Control ArmsRear Camber ArmsRear Toe Arms, and Rear Traction and Trailing Arms increase strength, reduce weight, and allow for precise alignment adjustments to front and rear toe, camber and caster.

For those wanting a full race coilover conversion suspension, Unplugged Performance offers their UP x Öhlins TTX 2-way or 4-Way Pikes Peak Spec Coilovers, the pinnacle of racing coilovers for those Model S Plaid owners that plan to hit the track regularly.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S-APEX Plaid Carbon Fiber Aero Suspension Carbon Ceramic Brakes BBK Wheels Image 19

A Solution to Cooling Brakes on a Near-5,000lb Tesla

Stopping Dark Knight comes from Unplugged Performance carbon ceramic brakes at all four corners for increased heat resistance during consistent and repeated stopping. Another first for an S-APEX is the inclusion of the Carbon Fiber Brake Cooling Duct Kit which includes sleek block-off plates for non-spirited driving.

Unplugged Performance "Dark Knight" Tesla Model S S-APEX - Carbon Fiber Brake Duct Cooling Kit

A Bespoke Interior Wrapped in Sustainable Leather

Inside Dark Knight, luxury meets sustainability with a custom interior created in collaboration with von Holzhausen. Crafted using their Banbū vegan leather in striking Serrano red, von Holzhausen’s proprietary material is plant-based and offers a buttery-soft lambskin-like touch, is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, water-resistant, lightweight, and made from the most renewable raw material on earth. Yes, you guessed it – bamboo. Unplugged Performance is proud to partner with von Holzhausen to exclusively offer a luxurious guilt-free interior that is aligned with our core values.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S-APEX Plaid - Bespoke Custom von Holzhausen Banbū Leather Interior Upgrade

While Dark Knight is an example of a Tesla Model S-APEX, Unplugged Performance’s Complete Vehicles program is available for all Tesla Models including Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, which Cybertruck builds available in the near future.

Please have a detailed look at this bespoke Model S-APEX Plaid, Dark Knight, in the media gallery below.

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