This 2022 Tesla Model X received a color-changing High-Gloss Silver Paint Protection Film with all the benefits of a wrap+PPF process in a single stage, paired with the UP x Koenigsegg Carbon Fiber Long Tail Decklid Spoiler and a set of 22-inch UP-03 monoblock forged wheels, UP Carbon Ceramic BBK, and suspension upgrades, providing a unique premium look and improved performance for the Tesla SUV perfectly

When the owner came to us to refine his 2022 Tesla Model X, the goal was to make his X stand out from the legions of identical-looking Teslas on the streets of Southern California.  Since this X is a family vehicle, the owner wanted a wrap that would be durable.  The choice landed with a color-changing Paint Protection Film (PPF) and aftermarket visual upgrades. In the past PPF has only been available in clear gloss and clear matte finishes, but now a variety of colored films are hitting the market opening up the ability for customers to have the durability of PPF with the color palette of vinyl wraps.  This Model X received a color-changing High-Gloss Simple Silver Cosmetic Paint Protection Film (PPF), turning the exterior of this all-electric SUV into a classy head-turner. This was followed by a full vehicle ceramic coating process with Gyeon Q2 Infinite Base Type 1 ceramic coating, ensuring this investment is fully protected for years to come.

After the PPF installation and ceramic coating process was completed, we added an Unplugged Performance x Koenigsegg carbon fiber long tail decklid spoiler, a UP Superlight Carbon Ceramic Big Brake Kit, and a set of UP-03 monoblock forged wheels. The carbon fiber spoiler is the latest product from our cooperation with one of the world’s most advanced carbon fiber production facilities, Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing. It features a highly efficient aerodynamic teardrop shape which moves turbulence and drag further behind the vehicle resulting in a more slippery profile. Teardrop aerodynamic shapes have been utilized by all levels of motorsports, as well as by Tesla themselves with the Model 3 Performance trunk spoiler and in our own High-Efficiency designs.

In keeping with clean lines and aerodynamic principles, the Long Tail Decklid Spoiler was created. This trunk spoiler elongates the natural lines of the Model X hatch to streamline airflow over and off the back of the car to reduce turbulence.  The Unplugged Rear Decklid Spoiler for Tesla Model X seamlessly integrates with the rear hatch, lights, and quarter panels to provide a subtle lengthening of the body, thus smoothing airflow and providing a more dynamic rear profile. It also looks impressive, giving the rear end of the Tesla Model X an impressive visual upgrade.

High Gloss Simple Silver Tesla Model X UP x Koenigsegg Decklid Spoiler UP 03 Wheels Image 27 scaled

In the wheel department, this Model X owner went with a set of lightweight forged UP-03 wheels, sized 22×10 in the front and 22×10 in the rear, finished in Satin Black. And since these wheels were designed & engineered specifically for the 2022 Tesla Model X, these are some of the lightest and strongest weight-optimized wheels in specific Tesla fitments available on the market today. In addition, they elevate the look of the Model X exceptionally well, producing one of the cleanest upgrades out there. To further improve the look and areodynamics of the vehicle, we’ve also added the 2021+ Tesla Model X Sports Dynamic Air Suspension Upgrade (Lowering) Kit, ensuring the stance of this vehicle is even better.

The final touch is the 2021+ Tesla Model X carbon ceramic front big brake kit (BBK), ensuring the stopping power for this rumbling SUV is improved. The Model X Plaid is one of the fastest street cars on earth and decelerating 5000+ lbs quickly, repeatedly and with consistent driver confidence is a big challenge. Pushing your Plaid anywhere near its limits requires a braking system that can take a beating from high-weight-high-g-force stops exerting incredible forces repeatedly.  The Unplugged Performance Carbon-Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit (BBK) is designed to significantly increase this capacity.

You can look at the final product of our work in the media gallery right below.

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