Tesla Model X / Model X Plaid – UP-03 Lightweight Forged Wheels


Introducing the pinnacle of automotive excellence: the UP-03 wheel, meticulously crafted for the discerning Tesla owner who settles for nothing less than perfection. As the leading provider of premium high-end parts and upgrades for Tesla vehicles, we are thrilled to present this extraordinary fusion of cutting-edge engineering and unparalleled design.

The UP-03 is no ordinary wheel; it is the embodiment of ultimate efficiency and weight savings, conceived specifically for Tesla’s uncompromising performance standards. Boasting the title of the world’s most robust and lightweight track-tested wheel, the UP-03 is engineered to endure the most punishing conditions, from the intensity of the racetrack to the challenges of the planet’s most formidable roads.

Our Unplugged Performance forged wheels are meticulously crafted from aerospace-grade 6061 forged aluminum, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and performance. The result of countless hours of research, development, and rigorous track testing across the globe, the UP-03 wheel is not just an aesthetic upgrade but a transformative enhancement to your Tesla’s performance backed up by world-class engineering and motorsports pedigree.

We stand behind our race-spec UP-03 line with an unmatched unlimited lifetime warranty for both road and track use, exemplifying our confidence in the UP-03’s exceptional durability and efficiency. Elevate your Tesla Model S Plaid or Long Range to new heights by investing in the unparalleled performance of our UP-03 wheels.

Should you require guidance in selecting the ideal fitments or tire options, our team of seasoned Tesla specialists is on standby, eager to provide their expert assistance. Experience the ultimate in Tesla performance and luxury with the extraordinary UP-03 wheel, and elevate your driving experience to a realm of pure automotive perfection.

  • Engineered specifically for the Tesla Model X
  • Produced in lightweight forged 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum for superior strength
  • Wildy overbuilt 1250KG / 2525LB load rating per wheel
  • Super strong I-beam design to eliminate wheel flexion
  • Knurled barrel to reduce the possibility of tire slip during drag racing and aggressive track use
  • Engineered specifically for Tesla Model X Centerbore, Brakes, TPMS, Tesla lugs and lug nuts
  • Designed to accept Tesla Model 3 and Y factory tires as well as a wide range of other tire options
  • Color-matched billet aluminum center caps and also accepts OEM original Model S Center Caps
  • Proven performance in racing, time attack, and offroad abuse
  • 20″ and 22″ wheels will accept factory Model X tires, but 19″-22″ applications are all available depending on your needs
  • Custom colors and sizes are made-to-order. After ordering a “Made-to-Order” set we will contact you to ensure we engineer, produce and finish your wheels to your exact specifications, or we can work with you to achieve your goals and let us handle the specifications.  Order with confidence and we will follow up with a detailed consultation for your custom set.
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Tesla Model X / Model X Plaid - UP-03 Lightweight Forged Wheels
Tesla Model X and Model X Plaid - UP-03 Lightweight Forged Wheels
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Tesla Model X / Model X Plaid - UP-03 Lightweight Forged Wheels
Tesla Model X and Model X Plaid - UP-03 Lightweight Forged Wheels
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The Tesla Model X is the ultimate torture test for a wheel.  6000lbs accelerating at Plaid speeds, with a suspension and chassis that was developed for the roughly 1000lb lighter Tesla Model S.  Every suspension member, joint, bushing, and suspension arm screams with the strain of hustling this beast of a performance vehicle.   Unplugged Performance wheels exemplify the idea of form following function, with every detail meticulously engineered to stand up to the punishment that a Model X can dole out.

The UP-03 is not just a wheel, but a testament to the relentless pursuit of efficiency and weight savings. This groundbreaking innovation holds the title of the world’s most robust, lightweight track-tested wheel, designed to thrive in the most challenging environments, from high-octane race tracks to the harshest road conditions.

Crafted from aerospace-grade 6061 forged aluminum, Unplugged Performance forged wheels exemplify our unwavering dedication to exceptional quality and performance. Born from innumerable hours of research, development, and rigorous global track testing, the UP-03 wheel transcends aesthetics, offering transformative enhancements to your Tesla’s performance capabilities.

Our confidence in the UP-03’s superior durability and efficiency is reflected in the unmatched unlimited lifetime warranty for both road and track use, solidifying its position as the ultimate wheel solution for your Tesla Model X. By investing in the UP-03 wheels, you elevate your Tesla experience to unparalleled heights, showcasing your commitment to automotive perfection.


2021+ Tesla Model X Plaid
2021+ Tesla Model X
2014-2020 Tesla Model X (All Versions)

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