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Represent Tesla Performance and UP with an ultra-high quality UP emblem. The Unplugged Performance “UP” logo badge is available in three varieties.  The Burnt Titanium emblem is made from the same premium Ti6Al4V titanium used in other Unplugged Performance products.  The Chrome and Satin Black versions are made from coated ABS and designed to match the plastic chrome and satin black trim available on different Tesla vehicles.

All badges come in a gift box and are ready to apply with laser-cut 3M adhesive tape.


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The UP emblem represents a badge of Tesla performance that is subtly designed for those who are in the know. We are proud to offer these badges to all Tesla enthusiasts and fans who share in our mission. Since 2013 UP has represented pioneering innovation in creating the Tesla aftermarket, Tesla custom car culture, and the Tesla motorsports movement. We’ve made these emblems for our clients and fans to share a piece of our philosophy and values. We are excited to see where you’ll use these emblems, be it on your car, laptop, toolbox, or anywhere you want to represent UP in your life.

All UP race vehicles and show cars will utilize these emblems as a badge of distinction representing our philosophy of innovation and purposeful design.

The Titanium emblem is made of real Ti6Al4V titanium while the Satin and Chrome emblems are designed to closely match the factory satin and chrome trims, allowing for an “OEM” appearance.

All emblems are provided in a custom gift box and are ready to install with the included laser-cut double-sided 3M tape. It’s an easy DIY install for most owners, however, those with ceramic coating should consult with your ceramic installer for best results.  All emblems are sold individually, so if you want to place them on the sides of the vehicle such as the fenders or C-pillars you should purchase two.



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3 reviews for Unplugged Performance UP Emblem

  1. joydadulla (verified owner)

    Great looking emblem! Excellent quality and looks cool on my car. Extremely happy with my order! Product was perfect and shipping was fast.

  2. KEVIN MOCKCHEW (verified owner)

    I got the titanium finish and it looks sharp! very HIGH QUALITY! very happy with it!

  3. smgdcw (verified owner)

    Unplugged Performance UP Emblem
    You can see my photos under Steve Guevara. The UP Emblem, just another seemingly innocuous item that KIRK added to make the car pop when driving behind it. The sun shines on the titanium and it screams at you and then goes back into its subtle way. To say that I love it is an understatement. I have seen it on other Model 3’s, but it does it no justice as when I looked at my car for the first time, the emblem was at the top of an incredible list. Perfect!

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What our customers say
I have my model 3 performance and love it and now after adding these coil overs, can’t comprehend why these aren’t stock for tesla. These coil overs are amazing automagically felt like the car was on a cloud, handles great, and very smooth. Noise is reduced and can not believe I took this long...
Had the bars installed with the end links on my M3P, at the same time lowered with performance springs and got new tires. No regrets. The car rides flat af. I look forward to round-abouts now. Big ups to UP.
Purchased these with the luxury coilovers but kept things at stock ride height. So far, everything is great!
Moto Miwa definitely made the right recommendation for the Moderate Lowering springs for my Model 3 Performance. They gave it the perfect balance between drop and functionality - good ride quality and no scraping. Also, in another conversation regarding tire wear, Moto suggested I purchase the...
Excellent product! I installed mine as my first step into getting some more performance out of my M3P for Autocross. The front and rear sway bars along with some wider wheels and stickier tires really took my lap times to the next level. I would say, if you drive hard with these sway bars like I...
Shout out to Andrew at Unplugged Performance! Customer service is excellent. Great communication with everything. Knowledgeable about all products. Will do more business with UP.
These brakes perform great and I should have upgraded to these a long time ago. Pedal travel with with the included brake lines are much improved as well.
Received my suspension for my Y 2022 long range what a difference. Set it for 8 on the adjustment rides totally different what a great job took it to a friend of mine Frank Reyes to install Desert car medics said the product was very well made installed it in about 5 and 1/2 hours. Driving it for a...
The shop we had these installed was a 1.5 hour highway drive away so the trip home was a great test to see if we liked them (we live in NC). It was immediately noticeable that the ride of our 2021 Y was softer and bumps were not as hard. We had the shop set our coilovers to setting number "3" and...
LOVE my new UP-03 wheels. Super light, super strong and they look so good. Super high quality finish on the wheels too, worth every penny. Have had the wheels for just a few days and have gotten tons of compliments on the road and at the track. These are the best wheels you can buy for your Tesla,...
Paint match was perfect. Fit is perfect. It’s exactly what I was looking for, exceeded expectations.
My 2019 Performance Model 3 is great, but with the heavy weight of this EV the cornering at high speeds was disappointing. I recently added these Dual Rate Lowering Springs to the UP Sway Bars, and the handling is definitely getting better! The initial spring rate makes the bumps less jarring with...
These are exactly what I was expecting. I waited over a year for them. Pandemic backorders and all. It took me about 6 hours to install with help from a friend. The fronts were the worst part. You have to have the spring compressors mounted just right and really compress them a lot to assemble the...
If love carbon fiber like I do then this is a must. Nothing compares to UP carbon coaster. The weaves are super clean, very sturdy, looks great. I couldn’t help myself and got this to add to my carbon collection.
Oh, wow; it is insane that one bar can dramatically alter the dynamics of the car. It is so much more planted and stable during those freeway maneuvers, which was the primary reason I bought the bar. The car is just solid at all speeds. Really solid. What is shocking is that the comfort levels seem...
On the track or not these sway bars make your car feel solid on turns. Immediately I noticed improved corner turns which is great! Highly recommend!
I purchased these as set with my coil overs and these are definite must to install. These bushing add great handling to your steering. Steering is more accurate and responds well to the drivers needs. Highly recommend!
I've covered innovation in the vehicle space for a long time. Mercedes Benz gave me its first ride in its first autonomous vehicle. BMW drove me around SXSW in the first i3 electric all week long. I wrote four books on technology, predicting with each decade-long trends. I have the first video on...
I wanted to wait a few weeks before leaving my review to really see if there was a significant difference and it is a significantly better ride. I commute 70 miles a day on a fairly rough socal highway and the change is noticeable. Yes, you’re still going to feel the bumps but they are not as...
These dual rate springs were the most noticeable and effective upgrade I've made to my Model Y. Much better handling and comfort compared to the stock standard rate springs.
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Only our subscribers get early access & product launch details about new releases from Unplugged Performance. Let us know what Tesla vehicle models you own by signing up for our mailing list now.