This 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance looks great in a stealth black wrap, adorned with a UP front fascia system, carbon fiber high-efficiency trunk spoiler, several performances & brake upgrades, interior customizations, and small touches

For this owner, creating a unique looking and rather fetching Tesla Model 3 Performance build was the goal, and this was thoroughly achieved with this 2020 Stealth Black wrapped Tesla Model 3 Performance. When you look at it, the vehicle is clean, it looks aggressive and striking, all the while being one of the most understated vehicles on the road today. It’s part list consists of several Unplugged Performance upgrades, giving the Model 3 in question a much more refined exterior look and improved handling & performance.

As you will see from the media gallery below, the most impacting visual items on this vehicle are the Unplugged Performance Model 3 front fascia system, replacing the OEM bumper with a custom aftermarket solution. The Ascension Front Fascia System is a complete bolt-on replacement solution designed to replace the Tesla Model 3’s front fascia (front bumper cover) with our performance-inspired redesign. Included in the package is a front bumper cover with under panel continuity, and all related hardware to facilitate easy installation. There are no additional parts needed to purchase for a complete and seamless factory-style bolt-on installation.

2020 Stealth Black Tesla Model 3 Performance UP Exterior Suspension Upgrades Image 28

Next, the owner decided for the Unplugged Performance Model 3 high-efficiency carbon fiber trunk spoiler, giving a note of exclusivity in the rear, thanks to the satin carbon fiber finish, a perfect addition to the rear of this vehicle. When we ventured into designing the high-efficiency trunk spoiler, our goal was to improve the aero efficiency of the Tesla Model 3, thus improving the range and overall performance of the vehicle. In turn, we used the latest in aero simulation and CAD technology, resulting in a spoiler that not only looks great but is also simple to install, doesn’t impede the rearward visibility for the driver, and most importantly, reduces the overall drag, resulting in slightly increased range in some driving scenarios.

2020 Stealth Black Tesla Model 3 Performance UP Exterior Suspension Upgrades Image 38

For the interior, the Model 3 now sports the Unplugged Performance Alcantara-upholstered headliner. This rather simple touch results in a much more luxurious and refined feel in the interior.

2020 Stealth Black Tesla Model 3 Performance UP Exterior Suspension Upgrades Image 52

Performance modifications include the Unplugged Performance dual-rate lowering springs, adjustable billet rear camber arms, street & Track brake pads and stainless-steel brake lines, resulting in improved handling & braking performance, giving the Model 3 Performance even more bite both on and off the racetrack. In turn, we firmly believe this is one of the best upgrade combinations for Model 3 owners who want just a tad better handling, all the while without impacting daily driving quality and comfort levels.

To make matters even more interesting, this particular 2020 Stealth Black Tesla Model 3 Performance is on sale by the owner. And by looking at the images and the parts list, this may be one of the best purchases a performance-oriented EV owner might go for right now. You can grab a more detailed look at this build in the media gallery below.

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