Tesla Model 3 Ascension Front Fascia System

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The Ascension Front Fascia System is a complete bolt-on replacement solution designed to replace the Tesla Model 3’s front fascia (front bumper cover) with our performance-inspired redesign. Included in the box is a front bumper cover with under panel continuity, and all related hardware to facilitate easy installation. There are no additional parts needed to purchase for a complete and seamless factory-style bolt-on installation.

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7 reviews for Tesla Model 3 Ascension Front Fascia System

  1. Andrew Petrella (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. Compliments on it all the time. I’ve had people compare the look to a Porsche or even a McLaren. Beyond the good looks, it also gave me some better front downforce. I often take my car to the track and some hard canyon runs so the functionality of it was pretty important to me.

  2. zackfeldstein9 (verified owner)

    I love the front ascension fascia! Really changes the whole look of the Model 3. My least favorite part of the car was the front bumper and this changed it all for me. Noticeable improvement in downforce as well which is a nice touch. Totally transformed the car and I couldn’t be happier. Also love how it doesn’t stick out much more than stock so gives you the good looks without sacrificing front clearance!

  3. pkatz (verified owner)

    I love my Ascension Front Fascia System. It makes my Model 3 look much sportier, and with model 3s just about everywhere these days, it’s great to have my stand out from the crowd.

  4. David Schlessman (verified owner)

    After using the fascia for over two years, this feels like a must-have Tesla upgrade. The stock Model 3 just doesn’t look the same anymore. I rate 4/5 stars since epoxy would be better than double-sided tape to secure the ultrasonic sensors.

  5. David Schlessman (verified owner)

    After using the fascia for over two years, this feels like a must-have Tesla upgrade. The stock Model 3 just doesn’t look the same anymore. I would recommend epoxy over double-sided tape to secure the ultrasonic sensors for a longer-lasting, flush fitment.

  6. Christian (verified owner)

    The ascension front fascia makes my model 3 look so much sportier and aggressive. I’ve had it on my car for over a year now and I love it. The car looks way better than stock. This is how the car should look coming out of the factory.

  7. smgdcw (verified owner)

    You can see my photos on the site under Steve Guevara to see the detailed work that went into the front fascia unit. I said before that my skeptical wife told me to pick out the car that I wanted, so I liked the TM3 the best as my kids are away at college and now it is my turn to be spoiled. I also told her that it would cost to improve the auto with some UP artistry and by no means is it short of artistry. I told the boys at UP that I run VB for NorCal and that this car will be visible to all coaches, parents and players that I connect with and they have been talking about the front fascia more that the progression of their players and kids. Fascinating! I park as far as I can when I’m shopping and every time, someone, usually multiple people are drawn to this vehicle. I ask them simply, “Why are you coming over here to speak with me”? They say that the front is so captivating and aggressive that it makes an impression and undoubtedly the most unique TM3 that they have seen. It is Glorious. Thanks UP, Ben, Kirk and the staff!

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Tesla Model 3 Ascension Front Fascia System – DESCRIPTION

The Ascension Front Fascia System is a complete bolt-on replacement solution designed to replace the Tesla Model 3’s front fascia (front bumper cover) with our performance-inspired redesign. Included in the box is a front bumper cover with under panel continuity, and all related hardware to facilitate easy installation. There are no additional parts needed to purchase for a complete and seamless factory-style bolt-on installation.


Sometimes constraints become the catalyst for an art form.

Our approach to this design entailed the creation of a new high-performance car image, but to do so in harmony with the Tesla Model 3’s groundbreaking engineering. We mapped out a lengthy list of design criteria that we knew would result in a product we would want to be fitted to our own Model 3, and we then went to work.

Unplugged Performance Ascension Front Fascia System for Tesla Model 3

Self-Imposed Design Criteria – A DNA Match:

Everything we create starts step one from a perspective of honoring Tesla and the revolutionary DNA held within each car our product touches. We naturally want all of our work to amplify the ethos of the car, but to never lose sight of its soul. In turning the dial up with our design we always ask ourselves, is this something that would look appropriate in a Tesla showroom as a special model? If the answer is ever no, we erase the page and start over. What makes a car’s DNA is of course subjective. As Tesla owners and enthusiasts we follow our heart and aim to highlight what we love about the car first and foremost.  We then deeply consider the already-great work from Tesla’s design team, and try to place ourselves in their shoes in an effort to honor their intentions and gain perspective. Ultimately, we look for thoughts, feelings and specific ideas that mesh those two worlds. The intended result of this process is something that emulates what we feel the true potential of the Model 3 platform can become.

This process is not largely different from the first time we re-designed a Model S in 2013, making it look like the supercar we knew it could become: the platform which earned the title for the fastest 0-60mph production car in the world. We aim to create designs that represent not only what the car is, but what it will become. As a result, our Model 3 design is made with a vision of what the Model 3 can become, while delivering a design that can be installed in the present.

Unplugged Performance Ascension Front Fascia System for Tesla Model 3

Technical Design Criteria – Harmony With Engineering:

The Model 3 is a masterpiece of engineering and our default stance is to require any design we make to be harmonious with the car’s engineering and functionality. Making something that looks beautiful is easy, relative to the challenge of making beauty that meshes seamlessly with a long list of “do nots”. During engineering we first evaluate what we do know; this goes back to March 31 of 2016 when we first saw the Alpha version of the car. The moment we saw the first debut we started sketching designs. This was Spring 2016. From a distance, it is easy to see general topics of where ducts, sensors and lighting is located. This produces the first round of design criteria and constraints to respect and design within. The list of design criteria expanded incrementally as we took apart production spec Model 3s. We studied how systems behind interact with the bumper, 3D scanned all of the components and began lining up how all the pieces integrate. What all of this yielded was a comprehensive list that allowed us to design something fully original yet still remaining in harmony with Tesla’s existing engineering. Of special importance to us is every day functionality, and as a result we took care to retain ducting for cooling systems, airflow management, as well as auto pilot systems, lighting and towing.

What results is our new image of an Unplugged Performance Model 3. Always respectful of Tesla’s DNA and engineering. It is Unplugged Performance’s evolution of Tesla’s revolution. Art-form created within the lines.

Magnetic License Plate Holder Option (for USA plates)

This license plate holder allows your plate to be securely attached to your Ascension Front Fascia for daily use and easily and instantly removed without tools for car washes, car shows, or when traveling in states that do not require front plates.  Our plate holder uses an original Tesla part modified with embedded ultra-strong Neodymium magnets so that no one would ever know it’s removable.

The backside is padded with soft non-abrasive material to avoid scratching the paint. If you plan to frequently remove and replace the plate or live in harsh climates, we recommend cleaning the padding surface and underlying paint to avoid any micro-abrasions from any dirt, salt, accumulated.

Note: To install needed magnets to enable use of the plate, the bumper must be removed from the vehicle.  If you want a removable front plate solution, we strongly recommend purchasing this item at the same time you purchase your fascia to avoid unnecessary labor, cost, and headache of removing and reinstalling your fascia.  This plate holder is only warrantied to work with USA plates, if you live in a country with a similar but not identical plate size we do not know if it can work for you.

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 Magnetic License Plate Holder

What is the construction [material]?
Impact Resistant Proprietary Blend Polymer, made 100% in USA.
Is this compatible with current spec AutoPilot hardware?
Is this compatible with vital cooling systems?
Yes, it mounts flush to the central cooling duct.
Is this compatible with the front fender air vent outlets?
Yes, it has similar concept side vents that connect to your existing fender liner exit duct.
Can I drive my car every day or will ground clearance be a problem?
Front lip edge ground clearance is within 0.5” of the factory bumper. We do not believe 0.5” will be a factor for most people as typically aftermarket lip spoilers sit lower than that. However, as always, if something is a concern, we do not suggest purchasing any product until you are confident it is right for you.
Will my car become longer as a result of this fascia?
Our fascia design is clearly more aggressive. Our reshaping does extend the front edge of the car by approximately 70mm. If your parking tolerance is extremely small, please consider the additional 70mm in length of this fascia.
My car is a lease, is there any permanent modification to my car done by installing?
No, we have designed this to install/remove using factory attachment points so that it can be installed and removed with no trace. There is zero cutting, drilling, or modifying the car to install/remove.
Do you provide a warranty with the product?
Absolutely. For further information please see: https://unpluggedperformance.com/terms-and-conditions
Do I need a Tesla certified body shop to install?
You may use Tesla certified facilities, and many of them are dealers of Unplugged Performance already. However we have designed this (and all of our bumpers) to be able to be installed with basic tools by any professional body shop. There is no specific Tesla tools or knowledge required to install. The only requirement for install is the ability to know how to fit a bumper and to read and follow instructions thoroughly.
How much will paint and installation cost me?
This will vary widely based on labor rates of your country, city and specific shop. We regularly get feedback from body shops that our product quality exceeds their expectations. However as a baseline, we suggest inquiring with a local shop you trust to ask for a quote. If you are curious of a ballpark price, in the US an extremely generic ballpark pricing would be approximately $800-1400 for paint and install out the door for Model 3.
What happens if I hit a car, curb, deer, etc.?
We’ve designed this to have flex and to be impact resistant. The impact resistance is comparable to what the the factory bumper can take. We did not make this in fiberglass or carbon fiber which do shatter or crack on impact, this product can bend. In fact you can crunch it into a ball and it will retain shape retention and pop back to original shape.
Do you ship worldwide?
Absolutely, on everything we make.
Ascension Front Fascia System for Tesla Model 3
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Matte Purple Tesla Model 3 – Ascension Front Fascia

Matte Gray Tesla Model 3 – Ascension Front Fascia

What our customers say
Had the bars installed with the end links on my M3P, at the same time lowered with performance springs and got new tires. No regrets. The car rides flat af. I look forward to round-abouts now. Big ups to UP.
I purchased these as set with my coil overs and these are definite must to install. These bushing add great handling to your steering. Steering is more accurate and responds well to the drivers needs. Highly recommend!
LOVE my new UP-03 wheels. Super light, super strong and they look so good. Super high quality finish on the wheels too, worth every penny. Have had the wheels for just a few days and have gotten tons of compliments on the road and at the track. These are the best wheels you can buy for your Tesla,...
My 2019 Performance Model 3 is great, but with the heavy weight of this EV the cornering at high speeds was disappointing. I recently added these Dual Rate Lowering Springs to the UP Sway Bars, and the handling is definitely getting better! The initial spring rate makes the bumps less jarring with...
I purchased these in conjunction with the luxury coilovers and couldn’t be happier!
These brakes perform great and I should have upgraded to these a long time ago. Pedal travel with with the included brake lines are much improved as well.
Got these with my order of Moderate Springs and Street/Track Sway-bars and they helped reduced the offset tension of lowering the car. Great product and thank you Blake (from customer service) for answering my questions. Unplugged has been a great company to order from, top notch for sure.
Excellent product! I installed mine as my first step into getting some more performance out of my M3P for Autocross. The front and rear sway bars along with some wider wheels and stickier tires really took my lap times to the next level. I would say, if you drive hard with these sway bars like I...
If love carbon fiber like I do then this is a must. Nothing compares to UP carbon coaster. The weaves are super clean, very sturdy, looks great. I couldn’t help myself and got this to add to my carbon collection.
On the track or not these sway bars make your car feel solid on turns. Immediately I noticed improved corner turns which is great! Highly recommend!
Got these with my order of Moderate Springs and Street/Track Sway-bars and they do what they are intended to do. Got my alignment darn near within spec which will help with tire wear. I haven't had them for long so I can't comment on durability but they sure are built sturdy as hell. If you are...
My 2022 3 Performance was a monster truck in stock form, wasn't pleased with the look or the softness. A car of this caliber shouldn't look this way and thank goodness Unplugged had the fix. I got their Moderate Springs and they are the perfect amount of drop to daily the car. They eliminate the...
I wanted to wait a few weeks before leaving my review to really see if there was a significant difference and it is a significantly better ride. I commute 70 miles a day on a fairly rough socal highway and the change is noticeable. Yes, you’re still going to feel the bumps but they are not as...
Oh, wow; it is insane that one bar can dramatically alter the dynamics of the car. It is so much more planted and stable during those freeway maneuvers, which was the primary reason I bought the bar. The car is just solid at all speeds. Really solid. What is shocking is that the comfort levels seem...
These are exactly what I was expecting. I waited over a year for them. Pandemic backorders and all. It took me about 6 hours to install with help from a friend. The fronts were the worst part. You have to have the spring compressors mounted just right and really compress them a lot to assemble the...
Shout out to Andrew at Unplugged Performance! Customer service is excellent. Great communication with everything. Knowledgeable about all products. Will do more business with UP.
Paint match was perfect. Fit is perfect. It’s exactly what I was looking for, exceeded expectations.
Received my suspension for my Y 2022 long range what a difference. Set it for 8 on the adjustment rides totally different what a great job took it to a friend of mine Frank Reyes to install Desert car medics said the product was very well made installed it in about 5 and 1/2 hours. Driving it for a...
Got the Street/Track version for my 2022 Performance 3 and couldn't be happier with them. I combined them with the Moderate Lowering Springs and this combo is perfect. The turn in is quicker and with the reduced body roll it makes the handling now better match the acceleration abilities of the 3. ...
December 19, 2022
I have my model 3 performance and love it and now after adding these coil overs, can’t comprehend why these aren’t stock for tesla. These coil overs are amazing automagically felt like the car was on a cloud, handles great, and very smooth. Noise is reduced and can not believe I took this long...
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