This Satin Gunmetal Unplugged Performance Model S-APEX Plaid is the latest commission out of the UP facility, giving our customer an exclamation point on his Model S Plaid. It features our complete 19-piece carbon fiber widebody kit wrapped in Satin Gunmetal and accented by Satin Black applied to the diffusor and iconic Model S-APEX sharkfin in the side skirts. Combined with additional visual & performance upgrades, the Unplugged Performance S-APEX proves it is designed for those who want to take their Model S Plaid to the next level. The long list of Unplugged Performance upgrades and the close attention to detail that goes into every build truly transforms the Model S into a rolling work of art.

The standard specs of the Model S Plaid are well-known. It boasts a 1,020 horsepower electric motor configuration, powered by a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, allowing it to go from 0 to 60 in 1.99 seconds and complete the quarter mile in 9.23 seconds. Compare that to the latest Porsche 911 Turbo S which hits those marks in 2.6 and 10.5 seconds, respectively, and you quickly understand that the Plaid is one of the fastest road-going vehicles out there. This is what Unplugged Performance builds upon with the Model S-APEX.

Satin Black Unplugged Performance Model S Plaid S-APEX

The 19-piece carbon fiber widebody kit and lightweight UP-03 forged wheels

The Unplugged Performance Model S-APEX Plaid starts with our 19-piece carbon fiber body kit which, along with the application of the molded-in UP x Koenigsegg Automotive Manufacturing pre-preg carbon fiber long tail trunk spoiler, gives the vehicle a more aggressive look and enhances its aerodynamic properties. It also allows for the use of wider wheels and tires, improving cornering performance and driving dynamics.  The Unplugged Performance UP-03 lightweight forged wheels show off the red-painted calipers of the Carbon Ceramic Big Brake Kit (BBK) perfectly.

Sized perfectly for the Model S-APEX, the UP-03 wheels are 21×10″ in the front and 21×11.5″ in the rear. For this build, the customer chose Satin Black wheels to compliment the Satin Gunmetal and Satin Black exterior of this vehicle. A set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, sized 285/30/ZR21 at the front and 305/30/ZR21 installed at the rear ensure next-level traction and driving performance.

Satin Gunmetal Unplugged Performance Model S Plaid S-APEX

Stopping the 5,000-pound accelerating rocket as efficiently & quickly as possible

The Unplugged Performance Carbon-Ceramic Front Big Brake Kit (BBK) is designed specifically for the Tesla Model S Plaid to improve stopping distances consistently and repeatedly. Developed through our motorsport division on daunting racing courses like the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, this BBK will help break records on track, and offer the comfort and ease of safer braking on street. This carbon ceramic BBK reaches these accomplishments by increasing the pad-rotor surface contact patch by 93%, and along with the use of improved brake rotors, pads, and brake lines, effectively manages extreme operating temperatures to dissipate heat and improve pedal feel.

It’s also significantly lighter in unsprung weight which brings advantages in feel, efficiency, and handling response. This customer opted for our street brake pads, perfect for drivers that will utilize their S-APEX on the street more than 80% of the time.

Satin Black Unplugged Performance Model S Plaid S-APEX

Improving stature and handling with motorsport-derived suspension upgrades

Improving the handling and driving experience of the Model S Plaid is a key component of all Model S-APEX builds.  This Satin Gunmetal Model S-APEX is equipped with the Unplugged Performance Sports Dynamic Air Suspension upgrade kit which lowers the center of gravity for improved handling, lowers the aerodynamic drag for improved range, and offers a sleeker, more aggressive stature.  Optional on the Model S-APEX is the famed UP x Öhlins TTX 4-Way Pikes Peak Spec Coilovers, the ultimate racing coilover kit for those Plaid owners who plan on hitting the track every weekend.

The Sports Dynamic Air Suspension upgrade kit is augmented by a series of additional Unplugged Performance suspension upgrades. The Adjustable Front Upper Control Arm (FUCA) Ultimate Edition Set, Adjustable Rear Toe Arm Set, Adjustable Rear Camber Arm Set are all made of strong, lightweight billet aluminum and provide maximum adjustability of camber, castor, and toe to finely tune the Model S-APEX’s alignment for maximum grip. Lastly, the Model S-APEX’s suspension upgrades include the 3-Way Adjustable Rear Sway Bar to reduce body roll and increase dynamic rotation, ultimately improving the handling and creating the best driving experience for the Model S.

This Model S-APEX Plaid is now ready for the winding backroads, and the occasional track day. On the road it slips through the air showcasing its exotic appearance and allowing for a more planted driving experience while providing safer brakes when utilizing all 1,020 hp is desired. On the track, it comes to life in a dynamic, downforce-laden, tight-gripping fashion while out-braking its counterparts.

Satin Black Unplugged Performance Model S Plaid S-APEX

The breathtaking UP x von Holzhausen caramel Banbū Leather interior

This Unplugged Performance S-APEX Plaid is complete with a bespoke interior featuring UP x von Holzhausen Banbū Leather in Caramel.  The UP x vH Banbū Leather is a vegan leather that uses a sustainable production process to create a new era of luxury without any sort of compromise. Von Holzhausen’s proprietary Banbū Leather material is plant-based and offers a buttery-soft lambskin-like touch, is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, water-resistant, lightweight, and made from the most renewable raw material on earth. Yes, you guessed it – bamboo. Unplugged Performance is proud to partner with von Holzhausen to exclusively offer a luxurious guilt-free interior that is aligned with our core values.

This complete UP x vH Banbū Leather interior transformation is available for the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, with Cybertruck and Roadster interiors slated to also become available through this exclusive collaboration program in the future.

Please grab a detailed look into this bespoke Satin Gunmetal Tesla Model S-APEX Plaid below.

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