Adjustable Sway Bars


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The Unplugged Performance adjustable sway bar system is an easily felt upgrade to the Model 3’s handling. Body roll will be reduced immediately after installation and you’ll also feel improved chassis balance & tracking.

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Due to the adjustable design of the sway bars, experienced drivers have the ability to adjust the front or rear bar which allows fine tuning of the front and rear balance of the car to match driving style.




  • Tesla standard 29mm front sway bar rate: 650 lbs/in
  •  Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate soft: 800 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate firm: 1,010 lbs/in


  • Tesla standard 16mm rear sway bar rate: 40 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 20.6mm rear sway bar rate soft: 93 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 20.6mm rear sway bar rate medium: 102 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 20.6mm rear sway bar rate firm: 112 lbs/in

Benefits include:

  • Reduced body roll during cornering improves the driving experience and enhances driver confidence.
  • Less body roll means more consistent and improved tire adhesion (contact patch).
  • Harder polyurethane (PU) sway bar bushings improve sway response. The bushings deflect less and respond faster, so the roll control is immediate.
  • A sport-tuned sway bar upgrade improves chassis balance and generally reduces understeer or “push” in the front suspension.

Unplugged Performance sway bars are all made in the USA. Every bar is made using precision CNC bending equipment for a factory perfect fit. Durability is ensured with an attractive powder coated finish. Special long-lasting precision-molded polyurethane bushings are included.