Tesla Model 3 Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Set


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Developed in conjunction with development driving by Randy Pobst, the Unplugged Performance adjustable sway bar system is an easily felt upgrade to the Model 3’s handling. Body roll will be reduced immediately after installation and you’ll also feel improved chassis balance & tracking. Three easy adjustments front and rear allow fine-tuning to your driving style. Improved high-performance polyurethane bushings included.

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Tesla Model 3 Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Set
Adjustable Sway Bars for Tesla Model 3 - Laguna Seca

Developed in conjunction with development driving by Randy Pobst, the Unplugged Performance adjustable sway bar system is an easily felt upgrade to the Tesla Model 3’s handling. Body roll will be reduced immediately after installation and you’ll also feel improved chassis balance & tracking. No two drivers are the same and because driving styles and driving scenarios vary we feel it is important to have the rapid flexibility to tune handling performance to each driver’s preferences for chassis balance and suspension tuning. The Unplugged Performance sway bars are developed with three easy adjustments on each sway bar for adjustability and dynamic results in mind. Improved high-performance polyurethane bushings included.

Trusted and used on multiple record-setting time attack builds as well as hundreds of daily driven cars around the world.  See us beat a McLaren F1’s time at Tsukuba Circuit and set the Buttonwillow Lap Record below with our Street & Track spec sway bars.

*** Front & Rear Sets are optimized for sizing and extensively tested to work in balance. For maximum performance, we suggest the full paired set. Individual rear sway bar orders include a slightly different spec bar (three-way adjustable as well) that is tested and paired for the factory front sway bar.

*** Racing & Competition versions are designed for cars with racing slicks and/or extreme use demanding an even larger rear bar.  Track testing results will be announced in the future.

*** Tesla Model 3 SR and SR+ models will require additional parts to install the rear sway bar, as they do not come with a rear sway bar from the factory. Parts Needed:  Unplugged Performance Adjustable Rear End Links or Tesla OEM-non adjustable endlinks; Part Numbers 1044491-00-E  Rear Left 1044496-00-E Rear Right.



We offer a 30-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on all of our suspension products.  Driving is believing.

200,000 Mile Warranty

These are designed to last longer than your car. To put a number on it, we will warranty these for 200,000 miles (non-transferable).

Tesla Racecar


  • Tesla standard 29mm front sway bar rate: 650 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate soft: 740 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate medium: 890 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate firm: 1075 lbs/in


  • Tesla standard 16mm (19.6mm on Performance) rear sway bar rate: 40 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 22.2mm rear sway bar rate soft: 114 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 22.2mm rear sway bar rate medium: 130 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 22.2mm rear sway bar rate firm: 150 lbs/in
  • Racing & Competition sizing exceeds 25mm and the three adjustable bar rates are unpublished but are a significant increase in rate.


  • Development driving and optimization by Randy Pobst (Tesla’s track mode driving developer).
  • Perfectly paired front/rear as a dialed in kit, backed by real world street and track testing.
  • Reduced body roll during cornering improves the driving experience and enhances driver confidence.
  • Less body roll means more consistent and improved tire adhesion (contact patch).
  • Harder polyurethane (PU) sway bar bushings improve sway response. The bushings deflect less and respond faster, so the roll control is immediate.
  • A sport-tuned sway bar upgrade improves chassis balance and generally reduces understeer or “push” in the front suspension.
  • Faster steering response and reduced body roll without sacrificing daily comfort or adjusting spring rates.
  • Can be enjoyed on a completely stock car, as is (also equally great on fully tuned track cars).
  • Firm settings are future-proof and optimized for cars with full slicks and track high downforce aero, soft/medium settings suitable for daily driven cars.


  • Model 3 (2017-2020) Pre-Refresh
  • Model 3 (Late 2023+) Refresh

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PLEASE NOTE: For international orders, customs fees, duties or taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


18 reviews for Tesla Model 3 Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Set

  1. Andrew Petrella (verified owner)

    A staple product anyone that does any spirited or track driving should have. Significantly improved body roll and feel of the car. Immediate difference in the speeds I was able to take turns.

  2. epampo55 (verified owner)

    I decided to upgrade the stock sway bars on my Model 3. Unplugged Performance installed these adjustable sway bars and overall the car handles nice and tight. The handling does feel tighter and more responsive. Definitely got rid of the body roll which I am happy with. Big difference in handling. Highly recommend!

  3. nfsu95 (verified owner)

    I have tracked my m3p twice now at road America and a local track blackhawk farms. The power to pull the car out of corners make it pretty competitive in stock form. The number one complaint was body roll and poor weight transfer into corners. The competition sways eliminated all of those concerns. It’s amazing the difference felt along with the confidence it inspires to throw this thing into the corners now. Absolutely worth the money. UP did an awesome job with these and the customer service I received from Ross is superb. I would not hesitate from future purchases from UP.

  4. zackfeldstein9 (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck upgrade for your Tesla. Unplugged Performance installed these a few months after I got my Model 3 and was an immediate and significant difference. Eliminated body roll and sway in corners and car stays so much flatter. The difference is significant and very noticeable. Such an easy and inexpensive upgrade for what you get, absolute no brainer to get! Being able to also adjust them is a huge plus. Now I just added them to my Model Y and it was a huge difference as well. Can’t recommend these enough!

  5. valstewart (verified owner)

    Perfect fitment. Look great after 2+ years.

    Wish mine came with end links 🙁

  6. garciajorge521 (verified owner)

    short and simple … NIGHT and DAY difference when turning in and out of turns and really felt as if the car was on RAILS.Had a track day at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway and when going through its famous “bowl” Turn 13 I felt planted and gave me confidence to push it more lap by lap. Overall best upgrade for the price bracket that I’ve done. Thank you Kirk and the guys at Unplugged Performance. #258

  7. Patrick Reed (verified owner)

    Excellent fitment, packaging, and overall product. The stock bar compared to UP’s is no comparison. Installed on medium setting and will be changing it to the stiffest this weekend, which is extraordinarily easy to do.

  8. Jeffrey Jackson (verified owner)

    The Sway Bar was straightforward to install. I noticed an immediate and significant difference in the way the car handles. The sway bars helped eliminate body roll, and the car feels more stable. Blake provided excellent customer service from when I placed my order, all the way to delivery and installation. I am 100% satisfied!

  9. isaahanna79 (verified owner)

    Blake, one of the Unplug Performance representatives called me at just the right time about sway bars planned what day I will be able to go out early that way I still have time to go home and if I needed anything else done to my car they were able to help Including a alignment that was past due for a while the fact that is was hell chill and easy to get what I need done they check on you like every second and your car to see if it’s done Now my car goes straight and was even smoother than I had at the first time I got it

  10. vietphan (verified owner)

    Very quick installation and everyone was great with getting this setup and installed right away. Could feel the difference when driving the car and loved added this to my car. Makes the turns and feel more seamless and have better control as well. Thanks for everything!

  11. 850arrrsaylikepirate (verified owner)

    Got the Street/Track version for my 2022 Performance 3 and couldn’t be happier with them. I combined them with the Moderate Lowering Springs and this combo is perfect. The turn in is quicker and with the reduced body roll it makes the handling now better match the acceleration abilities of the 3. Dang I love this car 🙂 As others have noted here in the reviews, Blake also contacted me about my order and he was great at answering my questions and finding a shop that would do the install. Really pleased with Unplugged Performance, they are step above in my book. Two huge thumbs up!!

  12. sean4528 (verified owner)

    Excellent product! I installed mine as my first step into getting some more performance out of my M3P for Autocross. The front and rear sway bars along with some wider wheels and stickier tires really took my lap times to the next level. I would say, if you drive hard with these sway bars like I did, expect to wear out the OEM end links. Overall, great enhancement to the handling performance of the car. And as always, Ross was a tremendous help; answering all my questions and helping me get exactly what I needed. Thanks UP team!

  13. Edmundo Rivera (verified owner)

    Had the bars installed with the end links on my M3P, at the same time lowered with performance springs and got new tires. No regrets. The car rides flat af. I look forward to round-abouts now. Big ups to UP.

  14. jesus.ruiz.2389 (verified owner)

    On the track or not these sway bars make your car feel solid on turns. Immediately I noticed improved corner turns which is great! Highly recommend!

  15. Dominic Marcu (verified owner)

    Dominic Marcu – Racing Driver

    perfect! with their help I can have the desired setup for the competition car. the car becomes more rigid and stable

  16. juanlop687 (verified owner)

    Sway bars changed behavior of car. It was straight forward to install. Thanks to the Unplugged team for providing guidance on the correct way to setup sway bar with the adjustable end links. Very happy with product!

  17. Frank (verified owner)

    A must to get with the coil overs installed on my model 3. I must admit that I was worried that they might stiffen up the chassis a little too much, but they did not. Highly recommended!

  18. f1dinesh (verified owner)

    I purchased a set of these Sway bars along with a few other upgrade components for my Model 3 (https://www.instagram.com/p/Cv8c-F2PEYP) The sway bars improve the ride quality, reduced body roll making the car more rigid and stable. Installation and setup was easy, being adjustable is an added bonus. Highly Recommended!

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Adjustable Sway Bars for Tesla Model 3
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