Autocross Package for Tesla Model 3 – Adjustable Shocks and Rear Sway Bar Set

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Combine our new Autocross Spec Adjustable Shocks with our legendary 3-way Adjustable Rear Sway Bar for the basis of an Autocross-compliant Telsa Model 3 track weapon!

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Autocross-Spec Adjustable Shock Set for Tesla Model 3

Dominate your autocross competition with Unplugged Performance upgraded shocks.  We offer the highest quality adjustable dampening that works with your stock springs to allow “super street” class competition, faster times on the course, and an insane improvement in around-town ride quality. Guaranteed.


Adjustable Sway Bars for Tesla Model 3

Developed in conjunction with development driving by Randy Pobst, the Unplugged Performance adjustable sway bar system is an easily felt upgrade to the Model 3’s handling. Body roll will be reduced immediately after installation and you’ll also feel improved chassis balance & tracking. Three easy adjustments front and rear allow fine-tuning to your driving style. Improved high-performance polyurethane bushings included.

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
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Autocross regulations can be tough and often disallow the use of our world-record-setting Coilover suspension options.  For customers in this predicament who need to upgrade their handling without using aftermarket springs or coilovers this product grouping threads the needle to give you a maximum advantage on track while maintaining eligibility to compete in an advantageous class.  For customers unencumbered by these regulations, we encourage you to take advantage of that flexibility to run our full suite of handling upgrades instead of limiting yourself to these compliance products.

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