High-efficiency carbon trunk spoiler for Tesla Model Y

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Our popular and highly functional Tesla Model 3 trunk spoiler is now available for the Tesla Model Y. Enjoy increased aerodynamic efficiency, increased rear stability at high speeds, and sportier looks with the carbon fiber Unplugged Performance High Efficiency Trunk Spoiler for your Model Y.

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
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Unplugged Performance products have a 7-year history of purposeful and functional design. Aside from looking beautiful, our aerodynamic program is famous for winning races and for increasing efficiency and range for daily driven cars. Every product has a purpose and this trunk spoiler’s purpose is to increase aerodynamic efficiency. The elongated design is specifically derived and optimized by our world-class expert partners utilizing CFD aerodynamic testing. The end result of an extensive R&D budget is ongoing real-world validation. This includes hundreds of Unplugged Performance customers who have experienced first hand on their cars enhanced performance of our aerodynamic products. We are proud to develop functional aerodynamic solutions that look beautiful with unrivaled quality construction and attention to detail.

A few notes:

  • Aerodynamic benefits occur at high speeds. Around town aerodynamic impact is minimal but at speeds over 70mph, the benefit begins to increase and become noticeable. Our High-Efficiency spoilers decrease drag and increase rear downforce by cleaning up airflow that reduces aerodynamic inefficiencies that create rear lift and drag.
  • This is a premium dry carbon production item made in an autoclave using prepreg carbon fiber with high-grade epoxy resin. It is finished in a UV resistant clear coat paint to provide increased longevity. Not all carbon fiber is equal and ours cut no corners in materials, production process, or UV clear coat finishing. No polyester resin, no fiberglass, and no gel coat is used.
  • The installation process uses pre-applied commercial grade 3M double-sided adhesive and is an extremely fast install. The installation process is identical to the factory trunk spoiler’s attachment and requires no drilling or modification to the car. The factory trunk spoiler can be quickly removed without damage to the car and replaced with this for those who want to upgrade their performance trunk spoiler.
  • Available in either a gloss clearcoat or satin (matte) clearcoat finish. Both finishes showcase the ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction. After purchase, you may also of course vinyl wrap or paint the trunk spoiler if you prefer a solid color and not a carbon fiber finish.
  • This product is wider and longer than the stock Model Y Performance spoiler.
  • There is a subtle Unplugged U Logo embossed on the underside of the spoiler.
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