Ultra-Light Lexan Glass Replacement for Tesla Model 3


Unplugged Performance Ultra-Light Lexan Glass-Replacements get your car race-ready with big weight savings.  Tinted and double-coated for durability and heat reduction.

PLEASE NOTE: For international orders, customs fees, duties or taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Unplugged Performance Lexan Ultra-Light replacements for the heavy factory glass save 55% of the weight for a total of almost 55lbs weight savings. These are great for lightening a Model 3 or for throwing steel balls at your new shatterproof windows! We’ve developed these Lexan replacements to be factory fitment and to allow normal power window functionality. Every panel is hard-coated for durability and also pre-tinted with UV protection to help keep cabin temps reasonable for daily use.


Installing the side windows is straight forward and is the same procedure any mechanic is accustomed to in replacing side windows. Total install time for all 4 side windows is approximately 3 hours.

We recommend roof and windshield replacements be performed by trained window specialists with experience in removing factory glass and installing race glass/Lexan.

Total weight savings: 54.8 lbs!

  • Front Windshield – UP Lexan: 18.5lbs / 8.4kg vs. Original Glass: 38.0lbs / 17.3kg
  • Roof Panel – UP Lexan: 10.8lbs / 4.9kg vs. Original Glass: 27.4lbs / 12.4kg
  • Front Door Side Windows – UP Lexan: 8.0lbs / 3.6kgs vs Original Glass: 19.0lbs / 8.6kgs (combined left/right)
  • Rear Door Side Windows – UP Lexan: 7.6lbs / 3.5kgs vs. Original Glass: 15.3lbs / 7.0kgs (combined left/right)
  • Full Set UP Lexan: 44.9lbs / 20.4kg vs.  Original Glass: 99.7lbs / 45.3kg

Note: Original Rear Glass is a structural component and should not be replaced with Lexan for a car without a full cage. If you are making a fully-caged race car or cars and would like us to produce the rear glass in Lexan for you, please contact us via email.

All panels come hard-coated for durability.  Panels come wrapped with protective sheeting to ensure safe transport.