Limited Slip Differential (LSD) for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y


The Unplugged Performance Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) put more power to the ground mechanically without engaging the brakes via stability control.

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The Unplugged Performance Limited Slip Differential is a direct drop-in replacement for the stock Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y open differentials. The purpose of these LSDs are to improve the efficient distribution of power between wheels without using the brakes and stability control software.  This physical Limited Slip Differential helps put more power to the ground without slowing the vehicle unnecessarily in conditions where one or more wheels lose traction such as high-g-force cornering, off-roading, and driving in inclement conditions such as snow and ice.

  • Tested and validated on the Pikes Peak Race Car with testing by Randy Pobst
  • The gear-based design ensures smooth and silent operation without maintenance
  • Redistributes torque automatically to the wheel with the most traction
  • Maximizes traction and reduces stability control interventions
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Professional installation required
  • May void Tesla drive unit and associated parts warranties
  • Designed for performance driving, essentially invisible with no benefit for a daily driver or commuter use