Race Suspension Kit for Tesla Model Y – As used on “The World’s Fastest SUV”



Order now to reserve your set. Break lap records without breaking the bank with Unplugged Performance Race Coilover Suspension for Tesla Model Y and Model Y Performance.  Looking for comfort instead? You will love our still track-capable Tesla Model Y Luxury Coilovers


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New For 2021 – Win The Race With UP! Faster Laps Guaranteed!

Since 2017 all of our coilovers have been hand-built in small batches and every production run we implement micro improvements based on feedback to perfect the Model 3. Over the years our race spec coilovers have evolved and are responsible for countless race wins and lap records. To name a few they’ve been utilized on the Japan JEVRA 2020 season winning Taisan x UP Model 3, they hold the Tesla lap records at Buttonwillow, Laguna Seca, Tsukuba Circuit, and Fuji Speedway, they’ve won SCCA auto-x events, and are typically on the fastest lapping TeslaCorsa driver’s cars. With increasing frequency performance drivers are upgrading from their existing coilovers to UP suspension and we find they always end up faster.

As a result of the consistently proven results, we offer unprecedented money-back guarantee for any driver that upgrades from existing coilovers to Unplugged Performance Race Spec Coilovers. This guarantee is applicable to these entry-level race spec coilovers and of course to our Pro Spec 2 way and 3 way variants. The guarantee is simple. You’ll run faster laps with our suspension or we will offer you full money-back guarantee. We will provide all customers up to 60 days to install, race, and see the results first hand!

Reliability We Stand Behind – Warranty Includes Racing Use!

Traditionally coilover manufacturers offer a warranty for street conditions but contain fine print that voids the warranty the second the coilover sees a race track. Our message and support level for our clients is clear. Our coilovers are designed to perform flawlessly on the race track, and they belong on the race track. We don’t void warranty when they are on the race track, we encourage it! As with all of our products we value our customers greatly and our support goes above and beyond industry standards. All UP race-spec coilover variants come with the confidence of two-year warranty that includes unlimited racing.*Warranty exclusions would be damage from accidents or negligence, warranty is non-transferable.

The Worlds Fastest SUV Laps At Laguna Seca and Buttonwillow

We used the Race Suspension to break the record for the world’s fastest SUV lap of Laguna Seca ever. In fact, an amateur driver managed a 1:39.1, in traffic! We are talking supercar lap times in an SUV that can be daily driven.  We even camped in the car at the track overnight!

It is well known that Unplugged Performance Coilovers are the best money can buy for street comfort. A result that has made them almost perpetually sold out due to overwhelming demand. Last year we debuted our affordable Race Coilover variation made for hardcore track drivers and our Model 3 Race Coilovers are undefeated with a perfect win record in Japan’s electric EV  racing series (JEVRA) as well as setting Model 3 lap records at famous race tracks around the world.

With a little more time and with (hopefully) upcoming Tesla track mode the Model Y will get faster still.  Without any further improvements, we believe our Model Y is capable of dipping below 1:37 with these coilovers, which is just crazy for a daily-driven SUV!  Further performance and aerodynamic upgrades in our product pipeline, will open up the opportunity to go even faster.

As with all Unplugged Performance Coilovers, there is a wide spectrum of adjustment for both height and damping is engineered to satisfy street and track uses. A quick setting adjustment truly changes the nature of how the car drives in a way that is immediately felt.  When the Coilovers are set to soft, the ride is comfortable enough for sports car enthusiasts to daily drive, and turning it up provides the nimbleness you need to break records at your local track without breaking the bank. These pair perfectly with Unplugged Sway Bars, Ultimate Billet Adjustable Front Camber Arms, and Billet Adjustable Rear Camber Arms and Toe Arms to put your car into record-breaking spec.

This and all Unplugged Performance suspension are created by a dream team of top motorsports suspension engineers to Unplugged Performance specs. Unplugged Performance has a history of being the pioneer of suspension tuning for Tesla and our suspension upgrades are used on multiple world record holding race builds as well as on thousands of daily driven Teslas.

We offer a 30-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on all of our suspension products.  Driving is believing.

The Unplugged Performance Story

At Unplugged Performance, we take innovation very seriously. With 20 years of automotive performance experience, we started Unplugged in 2013 with the encouragement of our office neighbors at Tesla Design Studio. Unplugged is dedicated to bringing the best out of every Tesla platform.  We have designed and manufactured complete turning solutions for Model S, Model X, Model 3, and now Model Y.  We always lead and never compromise.  We purchase every Tesla vehicle ourselves and test and refine our products extensively before selling.  We work with the best engineers in the world to deliver the highest quality products we demand.


  • Height Adjustable – Fully personalize the height of your Model Y.  Keep it stock height, raise it (different springs required), or lower it.
  • Damping Adjustable – One easy to use 24-way adjustable control simultaneously adjusts the ratio of Rebound and Compression damping. Rebound damping regulates the speed at which your shock bounces back from an impact (pothole, bump, hard cornering). By adjusting rebound damping, one can customize the ride and handling of your Model Y for your needs.
  • Quick adjustment knobs allow instant adjustment of damping in seconds, without tools.
  • Correct droop setting at any height – Independent ride height adjustment ensures correct preload setting without sacrifice and handling loss at different heights.  Our products are uniquely suited to perform at a wide range of heights.
  • High flow D port pistons + super low friction seals and rod guide bushings.
  • High-end monotube design – Lighter and more consistent performance when driven hard. No cost-cutting measures utilizing less expensive twin-tube designs. Our monotube design also prevents aeration and shock fade inherent in twin-tube coilovers.
  • Every shock is custom engineered utilizing our racing background and partnerships (our parent company is Bulletproof Automotive with a history since 2000 of building award-winning street and track cars). The coilovers utilize high grade internal technology and components sourced from Ohlins and other top factories (these are unique Unplugged Performance engineered coilovers that we have developed, they are not Ohlins products and do not use DFV). After assembly, they are placed on a shock dyno to validate the exact results.
  • Progressive bump stops.
  • Swift linear coilover springs – the best coilover spring money can buy.
  • Swift thrust sheets ensure silent operation
  • Like our Dual Rate Lowering Springs, the Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit is a simple and straightforward installation onto you Tesla Model Y
  • Valved & Assembled in USA
  • Rebuildable and re-valvable in USA


Tesla Model Y (All Applications)

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A must to get with the coil overs installed on my model 3. I must admit that I was worried that they might stiffen up the chassis a little too much, but they did not. Highly recommended!
I purchased a set of these Sway bars along with a few other upgrade components for my Model 3 (https://www.instagram.com/p/Cv8c-F2PEYP) The sway bars improve the ride quality, reduced body roll making the car more rigid and stable. Installation and setup was easy, being adjustable is an added bonus....
Having purchased a UP Sport coilover kit for my Model 3, I purchased this kit for my Model Y as well along with Camber & Toe arms. This kit makes an amazing difference to the ride quality and handling on my Model Y. The car handled surprisingly well on the track with minimal rollover thanks to...
I purchased the Camber and Toe arm set for my Tesla Model 3. These arms are well engineered, beautifully crafted and built solid. I highly recommend these products made by Unplugged Performance. The craftsmanship of the product and customer support is second to none. Highly recommended! Link:...
I purchased the Camber and Toe arm set for my Tesla Model 3. These arms are well engineered, beautifully crafted and built solid. I highly recommend these products made by Unplugged Performance. The craftsmanship of the product and customer support is second to none. Highly recommended! Link:...
The Willans Safety Harness kit along with the Ascension-R Racing seat just arrived from Unplugged Performance (https://www.instagram.com/p/Cv8f-5cvDuE/) The 6-point Harness kit goes hand in hand with the design of the racing seat. It looks absolutely well made and high quality making it a must have...
This Ascension-R Racing seat just arrived from Unplugged Performance (https://www.instagram.com/p/Cv8f-5cvDuE/) It looks absolutely well manufactured, high quality and lightweight making it a must have accessory on any Tesla going to the track! Looks stunning and well designed!!
The UP-03 lightweight & strong wheels are by far THE best wheels I have purchased for my Teslas. These wheels are installed on my Model 3, Y & X. These wheels not only turn heads but also improve efficiency and noticeable difference in speed due to their light weight characteristics. These...
These are absolutely THE BEST brakes (https://www.instagram.com/p/CveWNmjvKwT/) They work flawlessly lap after lap with it's nonstop stopping power, they will last forever. Incredible value for money and Highly recommend to anyone considering using their Tesla for both track and street.
I recently purchased the Carbon Fiber long tail decklid spoiler for my Model X, the quality is outstanding, the finish and attention to detail of the spoiler is amazing. Looking forward to installing it on my X when it's being wrapped.
I had my Coilovers installed by NV Auto in Hamilton Canada. They did a good job and I now have a great ride. After about a month of driving I went one step further and put new 18” rims and tires on. This really improved the ride and is is a joy to drive my Tesla again. Thanks unplugged...
Got these coil overs installed on my model 3 performance, and wow what a difference. Not only do they outperform the stock suspension in acceleration and cornering, but they also just ride so much smoother. Highly recommend!
The Air suspension upgrade kit works well on my refreshed Raven Model X with the upgraded Air Suspension kit. The suspension setting on Low not only improves the look but also benefits from higher efficiency with the advantage of location based auto raise function....
I purchased this Unplugged Performance Ascension-R Carbon Fiber Rear Wing for my Model 3 and I'm very happy with it. It not only looks good but it's adjustable and increase downforce as well. I will placing another order soon for my Model Y. Highly recommended! Link:...
A must to get with the coil overs installed on my model 3. I’m sold on these and are definitely getting the upper control arms next.
I purchased the camber and toe arm set my Tesla Model X Plaid. The primary purpose of buying these arms was to reduce the inner tire wear. These arms are well engineered, beautifully crafted and built solid. I highly recommend these products made by Unplugged Performance. The craftsmanship of the...
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