The Unplugged Performance Telsa Model S-APEX race car known as “Dark Helmet,” with Craig Coker behind the wheel, raced to a lap time record of 1:13.5.  This is the fastest time recorded for any vehicle for this track at FastestLaps! More impressive it was our first time at this track in the Model S-APEX and we were running on heavily worn Yokohama slicks.

Even though The Dark Helmet, our Tesla Model S race car, is one of the fastest EVs in the world, our team is never satisfied and we are always striving to make this car even better. In turn, we took Dark Helmet to the Streets of Willow Springs to do some additional development work on the tight track since no one on earth has much experience hustling such a large and heavy vehicle platform on such a tight circuit.  While we didn’t anticipate breaking any overall records, we wanted to see how our heavyweight champ (4,898lb / 2,221 kilograms with the driver) would fair on this notoriously tight and tricky race course.

And even though a heavy high-powered car is not typically the recipe for a fast time on a course like this, our Model S Plaid, featuring our very own suspension, brakes, aerodynamics and other upgrades, amazed us with an electric lap time.  Behind the wheel, Craig Coker managed to set an EV record of 1:13.5 and we actually couldn’t find a faster time from anyone in this CW configuration at Streets of Willow. Furthermore, this was achieved on worn-out A005 Yokohamas and with less than a full charge on the battery.  

Check out the fastest lap times at the Streets of Willow Springs here and enjoy the full lap video!


This lap record was made possible thanks to nearly the entire Unplugged Performance customer performance product catalog offerings

To make matters even more interesting, Dark Helmet set this record lap time by using nearly the full catalog of Unplugged Performance’s customer product offerings. The only pure race items on the car not for sale on our website are the lower diffusers and rear wing, which were added to our existing S-APEX carbon widebody package. Customers wishing to purchase a complete race-prepped vehicle should contact us.

Mods: Stock Power, Stock Tesla Track Mode Software, 4,898lbs with driver

UP Full Suspension: UP x Ohlins TTX 4 Way Coilovers, UP Full Suspension package including UP billet adjustable front upper control arms, UP rear billet arms, and UP adjustable rear sway bar.

Brake system: UP Full carbon ceramic front & rear brake package with UP race competition pads & UP brake lines

Aero: UP S-APEX carbon widebody & UP Long Tail Trunk Spoiler & Our bespoke high downforce aerodynamics package

Wheels & Tires: UP-03 Race Wheels PPIHC 2022 Spec 19×13 with 330/710-19 Yokohama A005 Slicks

More mods: UP Lexan Rear Windshield and Side Windows

We appreciate the support of  Yokohama Tire, Casa Bonita, and Craig Coker. Stay tuned for more racecourse lap records, as we develop the Dark Helmet even further.

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