A gorgeous finish, carbon fiber aero parts, a carbon ceramic big brake kit, complete suspension upgrades, and a set of lightweight UP-02 forged wheels, make this Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid a very special daily driver that is built to work flawlessly on the occasional trackday.

When choosing a paint color for your Tesla Model S Plaid,  among the more exciting options offered by Tesla, the Deep Blue Metallic finish is absolutely stunning when polished into the mirror finish you see here at our dedicated paint restoration and protection facility, Bulletproof Auto Spa. We might be a little biased, as this particular build features that exact finish, but as you’ll see from the media gallery below, it suits the Model S Plaid perfectly. Owned by Ravi, one of our long-time customers, this Model S Plaid features a multitude of Unplugged Performance visual & performance additions.

In the front, our recently released Autobahn Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser adds that perfect visual aggression and improved aerodynamics performance to the front end of this vehicle. With the front diffuser, the goal of reducing drag and adding downforce while keeping the entire package usable on the street was a massive challenge.

In turn, we developed special removable and replaceable proprietary carbon fiber Aero Pads that allow you to run a more track-focused setup when desired or opt for maximum ground clearance for daily use or split the difference with the half-height pad. As the pads wear, they not only are easily replaceable but also protect your diffuser from wear and tear. Built from full pre-preg dry carbon fiber construction with our unique and easily replaceable Aero Pads, you can maximize performance and minimize wear and tear, as well as customize the product to your needs.

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid - Unplugged Performance Autobahn Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser
Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid – Unplugged Performance Autobahn Carbon Fiber Front Diffuser

The front diffuser is joined by the front brake duct carbon fiber cooling kit, ensuring the next aftermarket performance addition is kept cool, even under adverse track conditions. The carbon ceramic front big brake kit (BBK) and the rear superlight large-sweep carbon fiber rotors and race pads installed on this Model S Plaid ensures that this beast can be tracked without worries about its braking system, resulting in greater usability and better track times due to less fade, later braking, and improved braking performance.  On the daily commute, the carbon fiber brake system provides improved efficiency and reliable and repeatable stopping from high freeway speeds.

While this car can’t be pushed anywhere near its limits on the street, on the track it comes alive, moving 5000lbs of muscle lithely through the circuit with improved acceleration, braking, cornering speeds, feel, and driver confidence.

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid - UP BBK & lightweight UP-02 Wheels in Gloss Black
Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid – UP BBK & lightweight UP-02 Wheels in Gloss Black

In the rear, Ravi went with our highly-coveted UP x Koenigsegg Collaboration Carbon Fiber Long Tail Trunk Spoiler, giving the rear of this vehicle an aggressive look. However, with the part in question, it’s not all about simply making the rear end stand out. This trunk spoiler elongates the natural lines of the Model S hatch to streamline airflow over and off the back of the car to reduce turbulence over the car by moving the wake further rearward of the vehicle. In turn, it helps keep the rear of the Model S stuck to the ground providing more downforce, resulting in improved cornering performance and speed. Just what’s needed to tackle that lap or eke out that last drop of wh/mi efficiency on a road trip.

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid - Unplugged Performance x Koenigsegg Long Tail Carbon Fiber Decklid Spoiler

In the wheel department, this Model S Plaid is graced with a set of custom-made UP-02 lightweight forged wheels, developed & engineered specifically for this application. In turn, this ensures the best fitment possible, giving the Model S a wheel setup that both improves its looks, but also, removes unsprung weight, as these are lighter than the OEM setup found on this vehicle, stronger than the original wheels, and designed with hints of the original tubine DNA that so well suits the Model S.

For this build. the UP-02 wheels are machined in sizes of 19×9.5 in the front and 19×10.5 in the rear for a high efficiency street-tire application. They come with a Gloss Black finish. To add a sparkle of color along with lightweighting,a set of our superlight titanium lug nuts keeps the unsprung weight even further down.

Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid - UP BBK & lightweight UP-02 Wheels in Gloss Black
Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid – UP BBK & lightweight UP-02 Wheels in Gloss Black

Regarding suspension upgrades, this Model S Plaid features the complete UP Model S Suspension Package upgrade, which transforms the feel and geometry of the Model S. In total, this allows for improved cornering grip, stability, and control, ensuring even better track times. In turn, if you’re looking for an easy upgrade for your Plaid’s handling, this ticks all the boxes without going with a complete UP x Öhlins TTX 4-Way Pikes Peak Spec coilover setup – which we also offer. However, that is reserved for only the most demanding racers, tracking their Plaids often, and who are looking for the ultimate suspension upgrade out there.

You can get a detailed look at this build in the media gallery right below.


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