Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Ascension-R Front Wide Fender Set
Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Ascension-R Front Wide Fender Set

Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Ascension-R Front Wide Fender Set



The Unplugged Performance Carbon Fiber Front Wide Fender allows you to run wider wheels and tires to increase trackwidth and improve cornering grip, and reducing understeer.The standard Tesla Model 3 fender limits the car’s handling potential to relatively small tires given the vehicle’s curbweight.  This fender extends the outer edge by  20 millimeters and allows a 20mm wider tire. This enables the use of performance tires up to 315-millimeter section width (with supporting Unplugged Performance front upper control arms) through widening and reshaping the fender for extreme clearance while maintaining a subtle aggressive shape. In CFD validation A/B tests in combination with our Ascension-R package the front fenders when added provided a 15lb further increase in front downforce with a drag increase of only 6lbs due to the aero-efficient shape. Our world-record Tesla Model 3 race cars use this fender to enable superior front grip.


  • Produced by Unplugged Performance in prepreg “dry carbon” to minimize weight, while maintaining high rigidity
  • Available in a gloss clear coat, high shine finish on the exterior, and can be painted or wrapped for a stealthy appearance.
  • Widened by 20mm per side to fit up to 315 section width front tires
  • Inner side of fenders feature prepreg carbon-kevlar reinforcement for improved durability
  • CFD-developed ultra-aero efficient low-drag design with front downforce improvements
  • Four-piece set includes left and right fender, and left and right fender cap for a flush fitment and easy bumper removal.
  • Inner fender liner extension to maintain fender liner functionality and avoid road debris incursion
  • Trimming of the factory front bumper and bumper brackets are required to run optimal tire sizes and wheel offsets
  • Professional installation is recommended
  • UP X Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing variant has the same overall shape and functionality and is available here
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Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Front Wide Fender (with Front Bumper Extension)

Powered by cutting-edge Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) development, the Unplugged Performance Carbon Fiber Front Wide Fender is your solution to the ultimate grip and exceptional on-track performance that you want out of your Tesla Model 3 Performance. The conventional Tesla Model 3 is limited in terms of front tire size capability, accommodating just 265-275 millimeters of section width in the front, even with very aggressive suspension settings.  Put simply, it does not allow for a large enough tire to achieve maximum front end grip. Our carbon fiber front wide fender set solves that problem.

This innovative design supplants the original front fender entirely, offering a widened 20-millimeter counterpart to host the broadest possible front tire, while the front fender extension still allows normal removal of the front bumper for service.  The design is aerodynamically optimized for performance.  The fender’s subtly widened profile maintains the Model 3’s design language while enhancing a subtle, yet aggressive aesthetic. We believe form should always follow function, and while the enhanced looks speak for themselves, our CFD validation, conducted in tandem with our Ascension-R development, highlights the front fenders’ functionality. During simulation testing, we found that the fenders added 15 lbs of front downforce and a while increasing drag by a minimal 6 lbs.

Our record-setting Tesla Model 3 race cars capitalize on this fender to boost superior front grip, testifying to its performance.

Note: some wheel and tire applications may cause unwanted contact with the fenders, uprights or knuckles.


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  • Model 3 (Late 2023+) Refresh

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