This Matte Black Tesla Model 3 belongs to Zack, one of the most vocal supporters of performance upgrades & modding in the Tesla community, resulting in one of the best looking builds out there

It is our great pleasure to showcase yet another customer build on our website. Owned by Zack, one of the most vocal supporters of performance modding a Tesla, then driving it like it’s a matter of life or death both on and off the track, this Matte Black Tesla Model 3 Performance is brimming with Unplugged Performance parts. After all, if you want the best performance out of your Tesla, both on and off the track, only the best performance upgrades are needed.

The build started off with some visual upgrades. First, an Ascension rear bumper in carbon fiber w/ carbon fins was installed, giving the front end of this electric vehicle a more refined and aggressive look. After this was done, the Unplugged Performance high-efficiency rear carbon fiber spoiler for the Model 3 was installed, offering improved aero efficiency, thanks to advanced aero simulation and CAD technology, allowing us to engineer a spoiler that not only looks great, but is also simple to install without any drilling, doesn’t impede the rear visibility, but also, reduces overall drag and results in improved overall mileage.

Zacks Tesla Model 3 Unplugged Performance Upgrades Image25

Next in line were aftermarket performance suspension upgrades. Our Model 3 comfort coilovers and Front Upper Control Arms (F.U.C.A) were first to be added, followed by our sway bars (front and rear) w/ adjustable end links, ensuring that Zack can hit those tight curves on and off the track with both confidence and speed, but also, in a comfortable way that doesn’t impede any daily driving capabilities of this vehicle. Additional suspension upgrades come in the form of front lower control arm bushings, ensuring Smooth, solid, responsive, and predictable handling, a great upgrade for just $325.00 for our Model 3 customers.

Finally, the suspension. upgrades saw the Rear Camber Arms and Rear toe arms installed. While often the last item on the list for many, these actually provide a great gain in overall handling performance. We’ve gathered feedback on the arms’ on-track performance from our development driver, Randy Pobst, as well as real-world use data, collected from multiple test vehicles (which have been daily driven for more than a year with these parts) to ensure they satisfied our design goals. In turn, this allowed us to create a product that’s lighter and stronger than ever, releasing a product that provides easy-to-see results on your car.

Zacks Tesla Model 3 Unplugged Performance Upgrades Image37 scaled

In the brake department, Zack went with one of our high-selling products; the UP x PFC Iron Big Brake Kit (BBK) for the Tesla Model 3. It’s a great upgrade and a seemingly great compromise between a full carbon ceramic big brake kit (BBK) and the overall braking performance you receive with this kit. In turn, this is probably the best value-for-money BBK you can get for the Model 3, providing improved braking performance both on and off the track, all without breaking the bank. The kit is complemented with Unplugged Performance Model 3 street pads w/ street brake lines, ensuring brake fade is less of a problem on short, twisty roads and race courses Zack will encounter across the country. After all, he put over 147,000 miles on his Model 3 already, a feat all by itself for sure.

Zacks Tesla Model 3 Unplugged Performance Upgrades Image17

The interior is further enhanced thanks to the Unplugged Performance Ascension-R bucket seat, giving the driver a more controlling environment to tackle those tight curves, but also lowering the overall weight of this vehicle.

To complete the exterior modifications, Zack went with a set of UP-03 monoblock forged wheels for his Model 3, lowering the unsprung weight and providing a great upgrade to this vehicle’s wheel setup. Sized 19×9.5 in the front and 19×9.5 in the rear, the UP-03s are a great choice for performance-wary owners.

Zacks Tesla Model 3 Unplugged Performance Upgrades Image16 scaled

Simply put, these are some of the lightest wheels available for Tesla applications right now. They were developed through massive amounts of R&D, and real-world testing both on and off the racetrack, fueled by our never-ending pursuit of efficiency through weight savings. As a result, these wheels will not only allow you to stand out from the crowd but also, help you achieve improved performance with your Model 3 in various performance driving situations. The gorgeous Satin Black finish certainly helps with that. Additionally, the owner of this Model 3 Performance added an additional unsprung weight-reducing touch, a set of UP Titanium Lug Nuts in a Burnt Titanium finish, a great touch to wrap up this build.

For a more detailed look at this build, please take a look at the media gallery right below. If you need more information about our performance parts or help to choose the right upgrade, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our highly-dedicated sales team will provide you with all the advice & information you need to make your Tesla Model 3 become a real performance beast on and off the track.

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